[How To] Save Money On Printer Ink By Changing Your Font

Although times are changing and many of us don’t print as much as we used to, there’s an easy way to save yourself some cash by using less ink on the occasions when you DO have to have a physical printed copy of something. It was none other than a 14-year old student here in [...]


[How To] Get Bold Text Back on Your iPhone and iPad with iOS 7

One subtle change in iOS 7 is the thickness of text. Apple has changed the system font (and even the font of ‘iPhone’ on the back of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c) to a lighter, thinner version of Helvetica, the font they’ve used since the beginning of iPhone OS. While subtle, the change is [...]


Struck with Fontstruct

Before you go off and make fun of the fonts Comic Sans, Hobo, or even Papyrus, think about the fact that these fonts were made by real people, who have feelings too. Okay, you can still make fun of them, but now you know that real people made these fonts and that you too have the [...]