Mellow sous-vide machine

This Gadget Will Forever Change Dinner

Let’s be honest. Dinner is kind of a pain. You have to plan it, it takes time and energy, and after a long day of work, it’s the last thing most of us want to do. But what if you had a robotic sous-chef to help you out? That’s Mellow, the smart sous-vide cooking machine. [...]


Taco Bell’s New App Will Let You Order From Your Smartphone

More than a few restaurants have mobile apps that enable you to place your pick up or delivery order on your smartphone. Chipotle and Pizza Hut are two examples that I have on my own phone and use somewhat regularly. A recent study by NRN found that 74% of respondents between age 18 and 34 [...]

These Are Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Food

[View the story "These Are Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Food" on Storify] These Are Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Food People use Instagram to take pictures of food. We know this.Now, people are using Instagram to take pictures of people taking pictures of food. Storified by ZAGG· Fri, Sep 06 2013 16:10:27 [...]


Someone Turned An Old Mac Pro Into A BBQ Grill

Reddit user 100uf posted photos of a recent DIY project: the iGrill. See for yourself below:


Gisele, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, & John Legend endorse this healthy candy. It mimics M&Ms and Reeses in a healthy way

Have you heard of Unreal candy? If you come across a healthy-yet-still-tasty candy called Unreal, you might find yourself a bit happier than you were before. Bill Gates had a few things to say about the new product: In a blog post titled “Candy Innovation That’s Really Unreal,” the Microsoft co-founder writes about the candy [...]

deep fried game boy gadget

The deep fried iPhone, MacBook, and iPod

Henry Hargreaves is a still life, art and fashion photographer working in Brooklyn, NY. He is known for fun, creative, provocative and memorable images. Below are his deep fried gadgets. You can see more of his work at Joshua Howland Joshua is a mobile application developer, entrepreneur, and technology enthusiast. His favorite posts to write [...]


The NES Toaster For Nintendo Fans Everywhere

This is a 3D rendering of a possible product. After all, a real toaster would melt the sides of the NES in a few seconds flat. Wouldn’t it? If this were real, I’d be picking one up for my office in an instant. My only question: do you have to blow on the toast a [...]


Is this the greatest pizza cutter ever sold?

Looks like it’s time to ditch that old-school pizza wheel. Here’s the pizza wheel of the future available for $38. RELATED POSTS The ice cream scoop has been perfected 9 Deliciously Appetizing Foodie iPhone Cases

Bacon iPhone Case

9 Deliciously Appetizing Foodie iPhone Cases

Food and tech. There’s no better combination. Here are some of our favorite food iPhone cases that may just leave you drooling. Keep them away from your hungry friends! These may be a bit too realistic for their appetites. Chocolate Bar iPhone Case Pop Tart iPhone Case Sushi iPhone Case Eggs & Bacon iPhone Case [...]


Brilliant Invention: Bloom Chips solves the Pringles vs Fat Hands problem

Alright! Who is the fat hands that crushed all my Pringles? Can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked that question. No, but really, we used to take Pringles on boating trips. The biggest reason we’d pick Pringles was because they would make it all the way to the lake without getting crushed into crumbs. [...]

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