Best Fridge Magnet Ever Orders Pizza with the Press of a Button

Brilliant idea: A fridge magnet with a button that instantly orders pizza for you. “So next time you’re hungry, just open the box, push the button and we’ll bring your Red Tomato favorite direct to your door, lickety-split.” Sadly, most of us can’t use this wonderful fridge magnet because the service is provided by Red Tomato [...]


Pure genius: These flying robots use your iPhone’s GPS location to deliver tacos

TacoCopter: One-click Taco Delivery in the SF bay area You want tacos. You want them fast. Also, you think quadricopters are pretty sweet. Enter: TacoCopters Ordering your tacos is pretty simple. Just open TacoCopter on your iPhone, order your tacos, and a flying “tacocopter” will deliver them to you, fast. It uses your iPhone’s location [...]


Seamless for iPad – Easy Food Delivery

What do you do when you’re hungry, don’t want to go out to pick up food, and have an iPad? Download the Seamless app, enter your location, and participating restaurants in your area will pop up. You can browse menus, sort out what foods you would like to eat, pay, and have it delivered without [...]


Adorable Bag Clip Keeps Others From Eating Your Chips

Innocent looking makes it work to Keep yo hands off my momma, keep yo hands off my Doritos. Sometimes for security to be most effective, it can’t be obvious. In fact, the more innocent it looks the more surprised you are when it slaps you in the face. Take a look at this Singing Bird [...]


Mmm, tasty… The $345,000 burger

Guess what? A very special burger has been made, and it looks like it costs $345,000 to make. What makes it so special? It is 100% lab grown. That’s right. With the power of science, lab technicians have grown their own burgers. What does “lab grown mean?” “Lab grown” does not mean they raised a [...]


Hungry? “BiteNow”

BiteHunter, a new mobile app that is used to find nearby dining deals, has just completed a $800,000 funding round. Additional resources, new features being developed, and ongoing maintenance of the database will be provided from that funding. The app launched on iOS back in June, initially  in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.  The company launched [...]


Tasty Tech Tuesday: Recipe apps to DIE for

You could say that I am not a domesticated diva. From cooking to gardening, it’s quite frightening to me. Just this year, I finally got the cooking bug. I thought to myself, “Kori, your getting old its time to learn how to cook for yourself.” So that day I went to my local supermarket and [...]


Groupon to launch new deal offers

Groupon has been expanding at an astounding rate, and has recently been proclaimed as the one of the fastest growing companies in history. The sky is the limit though as they prepare to launch a new version of their daily deals called “Groupon Now”. This features will give the user an option between two choices; [...]


Tweet About KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese and Get Free Stuff

In a new Twitter based advertising campaign, KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese is giving away loads of free stuff. The idea behind the campaign is based off the childhood game ‘Jinx”. This time though instead of “you owe me a soda”, the reward is free mac and cheese and a t-shirt. Any time that two individuals [...]

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