Samsung Makes 31 Different Screen Sizes For Android Devices

You read that right – Samsung makes 31 different screen sizes for their Android phones and tablets. Some of the differences are minuscule: 4.2, 4.27, 4.3 — you get the idea. Check out the full list below. And here I was wondering when they were going to give us what we really wanted — a 5.197832-inch [...]


1 in 10 Android Users Now Have Jelly Bean. Do you? [Poll]

The latest data shows that, during the 14-day period ending January 3, Android 4.1/4.2 (Jelly Bean) was running on 10.2% of devices that accessed Google Play. Jelly Bean was released 6 months ago at Google I/O. Gingerbread still has the overwhelming majority of users, at 47.6%. We want to know: Which version of Android are [...]


What the iPad Mini means for iOS development

Developing for iOS is a pleasure. Apple has released wonderful tools, and great documentation. The existence of StackOverflow helps out quite a bit as well. Fragmentation? I’ve been asked by a few people what this will do for the fragmentation problem for developers. On Android this problem is huge. To release an Android app that [...]

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The Good And Bad Of Exclusive Nokia Lumia Apps

Nokia has been working hard to promote it’s flagship Windows Phone lineup. Their latest move may be good news for Nokia, but may signal trouble for the Windows Phone platform as a whole. Nokia announced that they have procured deals with some app makers that will guarantee that some apps will be available exclusively for [...]

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Gingerbread Easter Eggs on Halloween

With all the kids out in the neighborhood collecting candy recently shouldn’t you be able to get some too? If you are one of the Android owners with Gingerbread installed there may be a treat for you in a hidden easter egg. If you are not familiar with the different versions of Android, Gingerbread is [...]