This Post About Driverless Cars Suggests The Future Is Awesomely Scary

In my spare time, I shuttle passengers around Seattle in my Prius as I am a partner of Uber’s UberX service of person-to-person ride sharing. As such, I am always interested in news stories relevant to the emerging ride sharing industry, be it Uber, Sidecar, or Lyft. So last week, when I was perusing TechCrunch, [...]


This 220-Story Building In China Could Change The Way We Live In The Future [VIDEO]

One could argue that the ultimate “gadget” is a building equipped with lots of technology. If that’s the case, a building scheduled to be built later this year in Changsha, Chian, might be end up being the biggest of big — and the processes that will be used in constructing it are pretty innovative themselves. [...]

argus II second sight bionic eye

FDA Approves Artificial Eye

This Argus II helps with retinitis pigmentosa, a disease where the retina gradually degenerates. How does it work? The patient wears glasses with an attached video camera that captures images of the surrounding area. These images become an electrical signal which is processed by the video processing unit. The signal is then wirelessly delivered to the [...]


Space Exploration Organization Wants To Send A Man And A Woman To Mars In January 2018

Ever dream of going to Mars? Now’s your chance! And you don’t even have to count on another astronaut getting injured to get in! The Inspiration Mars Foundation just announced its plan to select two volunteers to be the first people to fly by Mars. The stars are aligning The mission is launching January 2018. [...]


Is The Solar-Powered iPhone Coming?

Apple just received a patent for integrating solar cells directly into touchscreens. Apple has been working on solar power patents for the iPhone since 2008, but maybe we’re getting closer. Instead of merely slapping solar panels on top of the device or adding layers to the screen, this idea integrates solar into the screen more [...]


Could Ski Lifts Revolutionize Mass Transit?

A unique idea resurfaced at TEDxAustin: What if we used ski lifts to revolutionize mass transportation? Where did that idea come from? The New York City subway moves 5.3 million passengers per day. Ski lifts in Zillertal carry 298,000 people up the mountain each hour. The ski lifts have the capacity to transport 14 million passengers [...]


In 1993 These AT&T Commercials Predicted The Future Of Technology With Amazing Accuracy [VIDEO]

Back in the 90′s when computers and technology seemed to be on the cusp of something great, AT&T made a few predictions.  I wish I could say my predictions for the future were as accurate.  My childlike mind, built on technology from The Jetson’s, forecasted a robot slot by my front door, so that when [...]


DNA Can Store Digital Files

DNA, the code that programs our bodies, can now be used to store digital information. We’ve been able to read DNA for years, with the human genome project being completed a decade ago, but encoding data onto DNA has previously been unreliable. The European Bioinformatics Institute successfully had several files encoded onto DNA with 99.9% accuracy: an [...]


VIDEO: Hover bike successful test flights

Aerofex has a hover bike and a video to go with it. The device is capable of going faster and higher, but has been tested only at 30 mph and 15 feet in the air for saftey reasons. A video is below. Note that there is no audio in the video. “It essentially captures the [...]


Double Robot Lets You Go Everywhere From Your iPad

Ever wanted to go to the Louvre, but couldn’t afford it? Double Robotics has a device that one day might get you a little bit closer. The company created a kit they call Double that turns your iPad into a “telepresence robot.” That means you can see through the iPad’s camera, control the device, look [...]

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