Volvo SARTRE Driverless Train: 53MPH at 20 feet apart

One of the coolest tech projects out there is Volvo’s SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment). Volvo gave the project a boost of public awareness, and maybe trust. The 124-mile Spanish test both proved that the cars could stay driverless without posing a threat and upped the ante for what the cars could do: [...]


Nokia exec claims iPhone is poorly designed. He has a solution.

It seems to be a theme of the tech industry to claim Apple is doing it wrong and that company X can do it right. Here’s another example of an exec claiming Apple sucks, and he knows better. Nokia’s phones look good. I have to tell you, the Nokia phones that are coming out really [...]


Best Fridge Magnet Ever Orders Pizza with the Press of a Button

Brilliant idea: A fridge magnet with a button that instantly orders pizza for you. “So next time you’re hungry, just open the box, push the button and we’ll bring your Red Tomato favorite direct to your door, lickety-split.” Sadly, most of us can’t use this wonderful fridge magnet because the service is provided by Red Tomato [...]

Pre-Crime Becomes Reality

Straight Out Of Minority Report: Pre-Crime detection system being tested

When Minority Report was first released it created a status of what things could be like in the future. From touchscreen windows to electric autopilot cars we are ever trying to create futuristic tech. The plot of the movie revolves around this police force and how they have the ability to solve a crime before [...]


Pure genius: These flying robots use your iPhone’s GPS location to deliver tacos

TacoCopter: One-click Taco Delivery in the SF bay area You want tacos. You want them fast. Also, you think quadricopters are pretty sweet. Enter: TacoCopters Ordering your tacos is pretty simple. Just open TacoCopter on your iPhone, order your tacos, and a flying “tacocopter” will deliver them to you, fast. It uses your iPhone’s location [...]


What is the post-PC era?

People keep saying we live in the post-PC era. What does that mean? No, the PC isn’t dead. The PC is over 30 years old, but it’s not dead. We aren’t as tied to the PC as we used to be, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it at all. As Tim Cook said [...]


It’s A Touchscreen World

What would it be like to live in a world where everything around you was a screen projecting what you wanted to see? I imagine it would be really strange and uncomfortable. What kind of world would it be if we received IM’s on the mirror in front of us while we were brushing our [...]

world of future p12 small

How to predict the future

People like to try to predict the future, but their predictions are often wrong. Why? There are two types of predictions of the future. Though both envision a future filled with technology, the two are vastly different. One asks: “How can we use technology more?” The other asks: “How can we make people’s lives easier?” [...]


Straight Out Of Minority Report: The Air Mouse Glove.

“Bad” as in awesome, right? The ION Wireless Air Mouse Glove promises to be the mouse of the future. For $79.99, you can get this weird mouse-glove thingy and pretend you’re in Minority Report. The future or the past? Is this wireless glove the future, like Minority Report? Or is it more like the Nintendo Power [...]


TwelveSouth HoverBar is a unique stand – Now you can float your iPad.

Twelve South makes some of my favorite accessories for my iPad. Their latest is one of the coolest products I’ve seen come out from anybody. The stand allows you to prop up your iPad 2 so that it sits in the perfect viewing spot. The hover in Hoverbar The HoverBar is constructed out of flexible [...]

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