TRON style Bluetonian watches from a crash-landed vessel in 1947

I love watches. Not your typical analog watches, or even your typical digital watches. It’s the unique watch designs that grab my attention. Especially watches that are almost impossible to read unless you know the trick. The story behind the watches is a little crazy: Designed as a collaborative effort between Heather Sable & Samuel [...]


Reinventing the watch – a Kőrös Benedek wristband design

Watches and wristbands Watches are worn by everyone. Technology changes almost monthly. Phones, computers, iPods and other devices all evolve. The watch seemingly remains unchanged. We’ve imagined the iPod as a wristband, a watch is simply an obvious extension of that. Reinventing the watch Yanko Design always has some beautiful and elegant product concepts. Designer [...]

12 – 1

The photography revolution is near.

It’s time for a photography revolution. Some of the fantastic camera technology that we use today has been around for decades, but new technology brings new possibilities. Canon reported that SLR sales have increased, but compact camera sales are down. (via Daring Fireball) Smartphones killing compact cameras Apple went to great lengths to highlight the quality [...]


Are mind reading and Matrix-like learning near?

Mind reading IBM’s “The Next 5 in 5” made predictions of the next innovations that will change our lives in the next five years, before 2017. One of these is mind-reading computers. We’ve already written about a bike that reads your mind to change gears, but IBM anticipates that you will be able to do [...]

fuel cell system

Apple’s new hydrogen fuel cell patents could power your iPad for weeks

Apple has patented a new power source that could make iPhones and MacBooks last for weeks. Utilizing hydrogen fuel cells, this would provide more even power than the concept behind the 100-hour iPad. As a heavy iPhone user (addict), it would be incredible if my iPhone could go days without needing a charge. A super [...]


How the Quantum Parallelograph Works

When I first heard about the Quantum Parallelograph I was not completely sold on the idea. It didn’t make sense to me that a box could explore multiple universes and show glimpses into “parallel lives”. After doing some research and watching the video for the project, I am a little more persuaded. The Quantum Parallelograph [...]


How Promising is the Future for Netflix?

Recently, Netflix has encountered financial troubles and topsy turvy decision making flaws. With the price increase between its DVD-by-mail service and online streaming service, as well as the almost introduction of Qwikster, Netflix has angered and lost many of its subscribers. But Netflix’s future is not particularly gloomy. Despite the frequent complaints about the lack [...]


Apple’s Halo Effect: It’s Only Up From Here

Apple seems to be taking over the world one device at a time, or so it may seem to Apple users. Though Apple’s iPhone and iTunes music business is profitable in its own right, Apple’s initiative into these product areas was based on the strategy of using this business to help spur the appeal of [...]


Are Flexible Screens the Future of Tablets/Phones?

When Apple launched the iPad, I thought to myself, “Self, that’s one step closer to Minority Report!” If you haven’t seen that movie, I’m referring to the awesome fictional technology on display in the photo to the left. Well as it turns out, Samsung is bringing us even closer to Minority Report-esque tech. With the [...]


Apple TV vs. Google TV: Rumors of an Upcoming Throwdown

Long gone are the days of adjusting the TV antenna to get the best reception for your whopping 13 channels.  It’s hard to believe that such activities were a mere 20 years ago, especially considering where television is about to take us.  There’s a throwdown a-brewin’ in the television industry between Apple and Google, two of [...]

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