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Simplify Travel With These Gadgets And Apps

Sometimes I wonder how we managed in the days before technology.  I certainly remember long car rides across many states while we played “I Spy” or read books.  Today, parents just turn on a movie or hand their kids an iPad and silence ensues. With said technology, travel in general has just been made easier. [...]


5 Ways to Save on Smartphone Ownership

David Bakke is a contributor for the blog, Money Crashers Personal Finance, where he writes tips for saving money, utilizing the best technology, and protecting your investments. Smartphones are quickly becoming ubiquitous. Half of all Americans currently own one, and while constant contact is convenient, its cost can be high. If your traditional cell phone [...]


This Key Uses Bluetooth To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Children Or Valuables

Do you have a problem with misplacing your keys? Or do you have small people (or maybe big “children”) that have a tendency to wander? The makers of hipKey™ felt those pain points and came up with a solution in the form of a small trackable key. I can’t say I’ve never heard of a [...]


This Fork Tracks Your Eating Habits And Connects To Your Device With Bluetooth To Help You Eat Healthy

In today’s world, time is money.  Our days are controlled by a clock.  And those days are busy.  As such, eating can become a necessary task rather than something done to fuel the body or bring enjoyment.  Food is inhaled rather than savored. Well, here’s a gadget that helps you do just that.  HAPIfork monitors [...]


Scientist Accidentally Discovers Fast-Charging Battery Technology, Says It Could Change The World [VIDEO]

Scientists at UCLA accidentally discovered what could very well be the biggest breakthrough in battery and charging technology in history. The video above gives most of the details, but suffice it to say, if you could fully charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other battery-powered machine in less time than it takes to get [...]


Simple Party Gadget Helps You Identify Which Beverage Is Yours

Have you ever attended a party or family event where you quickly lost track of which drink was yours? I have. In my family, this is in relation to Diet Pepsi. My mother gave up coffee a number of years ago, and ever since then, Diet Pepsi has been her water. This habit has trickled down two [...]

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This Sword Detects Wi-Fi And You Can Build Your Own For Less Than $40

Years ago, the world was fair, the mountains tall, and we didn’t need WiFi at all. Now, we seek it everywhere we go. Thankfully, a blade called Sting has been modified to glow near WiFi. Looks like WiFi’s back on the menu, boys! Forged by the smiths of Gondolin, Sting accompanied Bilbo and Frodo Baggins throughout Middle Earth. In [...]


An Umbrella Specifically Designed To Allow You To Text In The Rain

Have you noticed lately that you do a lot less singing in the rain and a lot more texting?  And perhaps you find that darn rain is: getting your screen wet, inhibiting your touch screen and finger swipe-ability, and just overall making texting difficult? The makers of Brolly experienced those pain points and came up [...]


Find Your Stuff With These Bluetooth Location Stickers

Last month I wrote about an iPhone case that came with sensors you could attach to objects such as your keys, and with the two gadgets paired together, you could either use the case to find your keys, or your keys to find your case. It was a neat idea, but a new location-sensing idea [...]


5 Gadgets To Buy For Your New iPhone

Whether you just got an iPhone for Christmas, or you’ve had one since the beginning, this post is all about the things that will help you get the most out of your iPhone. Some you’d probably expect to see here, and a couple you may not have heard of before. 1. Olloclip If you’re interested [...]

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