Take Hold of All Your Groceries in One Trip. Don’t break your fingers.

Grocery bags can get heavy. When you’re a bachelor you have no clue. I ran to the grocery store and picked up a couple pot pies, and frozen pizzas. When you buy lots of groceries it can get intense. Achy Fingers You have a choice, you can make 4 trips to the car, or you [...]


Ditch the chalkboards, whiteboards and even Smart boards for Penveu

First there was the chalkboard – chalk, dust, erasers, the occasional horrible screech. Then there were whiteboards – smelly pens, squeaks and the constant fear of permanent markers. Let’s not forget overhead projectors. Projectors have been around the classroom and conference room for quite a while – humming lamps, clear, filmy sheets, and lots of [...]


CloudFTP makes sharing data from USB drives to gadgets a breeze (by @TySpace)

Do you ever have something on a USB jump drive or an external hard drive that you’d love to be able to access on your iPad, smartphone, or other device? Up until now, the process has usually involved emailing the file to yourself, uploading it to Dropbox, or finding some other less-than-ideal means to get [...]


The PowerPot is a cooking pot that doubles as a portable electric generator. Charge your smartphone on the campfire.

You’re out camping in the mountains with your buddies. Everyone is sitting around the fire listening to some great 1980s rock blaring out of the iPhone speaker, when suddenly, the low battery alert comes on. Sure, you could have lugged a generator to the campsite, or you could hike back to the car and charge [...]


Textspresso Machine demonstrates what can be done by moving text messaging to the cloud (post by @ashmo6)

If you use iMessage on your iOS devices, you’re no stranger to a kind of “cloud texting.” Send texts to an iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone and receive them on any or all of them, automatically synced. Seattle, Washington startup Zipwhip is no stranger to cloud texting either. In fact, it’s what they do. Zipwhip [...]

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From An iMac Pet Bed To A Nintendo Controller Desk Mate, Here Are 5 Unique Repurposed Home And Office Accessories

Since recycling has become a major trend lately, many people have begun to repurpose and recycle their old tech gadgets to make cool and thrifty accessories for their homes and offices. On top of being green, these repurposed accessories add a little geek flair and creative vibe to any space. Below is a short list [...]

Recy-cool: Man turns electronic waste into gadgets for kids in third-world countries

Recy-cool: Man turns electronic waste into gadgets for kids in third-world countries

As you start to read this post, take a moment to think about how much electronic waste you either have around your house right now, or that you’ve disposed of recently. I personally can account for several computer displays, old computers, a television, countless keyboards, mice, webcams, and other peripherals. And don’t even start talking [...]


Glo Nightlight glowing balls let you take the light with you

It’s late at night, you wake up and need to go get a glass of water, a snack, or take care of some other late hour business but there’s a problem in your bedroom: It’s dark. Sure, you could paw around for the lamp and clumsily try and turn it on, likely waking yourself up [...]


The Coolest, Most Complex Watch Ever

Harry Winston’s Opus 12 is the most complicated watch I’ve ever seen. Not only does the watch not have hands to tell the time but it is SO much more complex than that. The watch uses different spinning markers that tell what time it is. These markers are placed at the five minute marks that [...]


If you have $6,500 to spare, this curved PC monitor will take up 75% of your peripheral vision

We have surround sound. Now, what about surround vision? How would it be to see things happening all around you in a movie or video game? Wouldn’t it be awesome to be in the middle of all that action? Ostendo’s new monitor will make it so you won’t ever notice what’s going on outside of [...]

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