Xbox One SmartGlass App Already Available on Google Play

This Friday, Microsoft will finally make the Xbox One available to the public. In most retail locations, it goes on sale at 12:01am. In anticipation of the release, Microsoft has already released the companion SmartGlass app for Android. SmartGlass lets you interact with your Xbox One both at home and on the go. From the [...]


Simple hack to turn your Apple TV into an NES console (via @jkhowland)

The Apple TV design is sleek and simple. It’s so nice, that other tech companies can’t help but rip it off. The design is meant to be understated. Hide it, or show it off? If you want to hide the devices connected to the TV, there is no better design than Apple’s. If however, you [...]


What Killed Blockbuster?

A decade ago Blockbuster was the number one movie rental source, while Netflix was still using its postal service. Netflix was failing and Wall Street said its stocks were “a worthless piece of crap”. The thing that turned the tables was what Netflix did next. It made online video streaming possible for every member. Streaming [...]

Wii Games

Must-Have Wii Games

Since Nintendo released the Wii gaming console in November 2006, it quickly became one of the top competitors in the gaming industry.  There are now a wide variety of games for the Wii out there in the market. It seems like every movie, celebrity, and character has a game (e.g. The Hannah Montana: Spotlight World [...]