Sony Introducing PlayStation Feature That Will Let Users Share Games Over Internet

A software update coming next week to Sony’s PlayStation 4 gaming console will give users the ability to share their games over the Internet with friends, even if their friends don’t own that game themselves. The new feature will be called “SharePlay” and is part of the ‘Masamune’ — Version 2.0 — update to the [...]

playstation now

Sony’s New PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service Goes Live On PlayStation 4 [VIDEO]

PlayStation 4 owners on Thursday received access to many more games thanks to the open-beta debut of Sony’s streaming gaming service. The service is called PlayStation Now, and while Sony eventually plans to make the game streaming service available on TVs and set top boxes, the service is debuting on PlayStation 4. PlayStation Now allows [...]


This Is The World’s Largest Game Of Tetris [VIDEO]

The only thing missing as the classic Tetris soundtrack. A team led by a professor from Drexel University last weekend created the world’s largest game of Tetris, played using LED lighting on the side of a 29-story building in downtown Philadelphia. News of the game became a trending topic on Twitter and Facebook over the [...]


Here’s A Cheat Sheet For All The Ways You Can Control Xbox One By Voice

The Xbox One has been out for a few days now, and even though I’m not a gamer, I always enjoy keeping up with cool new tech. What Apple did for voice commands with Siri on the iPhone, Microsoft has done for voice commands on your TV. They’ve added another element beyond just voice: gestures. [...]


Xbox One SmartGlass App Already Available on Google Play

This Friday, Microsoft will finally make the Xbox One available to the public. In most retail locations, it goes on sale at 12:01am. In anticipation of the release, Microsoft has already released the companion SmartGlass app for Android. SmartGlass lets you interact with your Xbox One both at home and on the go. From the [...]


The Drone: A New, Mobile Way To Game

There’s a special treat for all you mobile gamers out there.  Whether you like to play games on your smartphone, tablet or PC, the Drone is what you’ve been missing.  Gamers will finally be able to play complex games with their fingers and thumbs on buttons without having to swipe and tap the screen anywhere [...]


This $28,000 3D Display Delivers An Immersive Gaming Experience [VIDEO]

A Russian startup company will soon debut a new type of video display that promises a more immersive 3D experience than anything currently on the market. The company is called Nettle, and their display — NettleBox — uses a combination of infrared cameras, infrared lights, and a 3D plasma display to track users as they [...]

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These Virtual Reality Products Will Turn Non-Gamers Into Gamers

I’ll admit up front that I’m mostly a non-gamer. If you’re a non-gamer too, you’ll want to take a look at what’s been happening while you’ve been off non-gaming. What we’re seeing from the world of virtual reality (VR) gaming is coming fast and about to make a big dent in the entertainment world. And [...]

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Gamers: For $550k On eBay You Can Buy 6850 Games, 330 consoles, And 220 controllers

After a lifetime of collecting games, a gamer in Italy has decided to put the massive collection up on ebay with a starting bid of $550,000. $550,000 – an insane amount of games The 137-page long inventory includes 6850 games, 330 consoles, and 220 controllers. …I realized that if I want to play at least half [...]


We Partnered With The Makers Of Infinity Blade And Other Game Companies To Create The Ultimate iPhone Gaming Controller

Here’s another new product we introduced at CES 2013: The Caliber Advantage. It’s a tactile, analog game controller that directly attaches to the mobile device. The Caliber Advantage controls the action via Bluetooth® connection, providing the lightning-fast response needed for today’s mobile gaming. The dual slide-out analog controls of the gaming handset feature tactile, responsive [...]

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