An iPad steering gadget for the serious gamer

A square iPad doesn’t always feel right when you play a racing game and need to turn the device side to side to turn your race car. Kolos has created a steering wheel product that should make you feel like you’re in an arcade when you’re playing that iPad racing game. Flying and Racing With [...]


iFixit tells us what’s inside Wii U

Lately the iFixit team has been giving a decent number of reparability ratings on devices. Their latest review of the Wii U is a solid positive. The score was a respectable 8 out of 10. The console and motherboard The console had all the connectors and features listed on the box: SD card slot, HDMI [...]


Mobile Gaming needs tactile controllers as well

Okay, so mobile gaming is taking off. The iPod touch is the ‘funnest iPod.’ We’re all impressed by the graphic and technical advances on these mobile devices. But in the end, they’re still all touch screens. Touch screens are great Nintendo understands the value of a touch screen. Just look at their last couple products. [...]


Video: The CEO of Nintendo unboxes the Wii U

If you’re going to have an unboxing video, or unboxing pics, there may not be a better actor than the CEO of the manufacturing company. Mr Iwata opens the Wii U Premium Pack for the first time. I love his little joke that the white gloves make him feel like Mario. Check out the video: [...]


$59 8-bit plug-and-play Pac-Man console

My family loves Pac-Man. Everyone. A good retro game deserves a good retro design. The young kids think it’s a new toy, and for the adults it has a bit of a nostalgia feeling to it. Most of us would have been exposed to video games at an early age via classics such as Galaga, [...]


The NES Toaster For Nintendo Fans Everywhere

This is a 3D rendering of a possible product. After all, a real toaster would melt the sides of the NES in a few seconds flat. Wouldn’t it? If this were real, I’d be picking one up for my office in an instant. My only question: do you have to blow on the toast a [...]


Hilarious easter egg, exclusive to the Apple II, turns everything you knew about computers upside-down

I’m a big fan of easter eggs. In fact, many of my articles contain easter eggs. Jordan Mechner created a brilliant surprise in the Apple II version of his video game Karateka. When you insert the floppy disk upside-down, the game is also upside-down: Not only does this make the game harder, it could really [...]


3D Eye Tracking Glasses let you play games without your hands

Have you ever been too tired to sit up and play games, but too wired to fall asleep? The future might come with a solution for you: Play with your eyeballs. A team at UK’s Imperial College lead by Dr. Aldo Faisal has rigged eye tracking circuitry that take advantage of new 3D technology. The [...]

Cross-platform gaming

#WWDC 2012: What slipped under the radar (by @mrgnw)

WWDC was chock-full of announcements. iOS 6, more on Mountain Lion, and new MacBooks. As Jony Ive explained the fan design in the MacBook Pro video: There are many design innovations in the new MacBook Pro that users won’t see, but will definitely notice. There are many other things that happened today that people didn’t [...]


Diablo III Review

Diablo III is addicting, easily one of the most addicting games I’ve ever played.  Smashing your way through hordes of zombies and demons will do that to you I suppose.  Blizzard Entertainment has been developing Diablo III for years on end, and now that it’s finally out, I can happily say that it was worth [...]

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