Are We Witnessing The Death Of The Video Game Console?

It’s hard to imagine nerds all over the world living in a time when video games won’t be wanted anymore. It’s hard to imagine those nerds finding other ways for entertainment. But, pundits have claimed that the end of video game consoles is soon. They predict the death of consoles all over the world. IGN [...]

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology (Infographic)

The “Next Big Thing” in Technology [Infographic]

The Next Big Thing in Tech Everybody wants to know: what is the “next big thing” in technology? We’re not talking about space-age teleportation suits or time travel. We’re talking about legitimate consumer-targeted tech with the potential to arrive in your home soon. Our researchers scoped the web for any and all mentions of “the [...]

When Gaming is Good for You

Are Video Games Actually Good for Your Brain?

Well here’s something new: video games might actually be good for your brain. Recent studies by several universities suggest that gaming can indeed alter brain chemistry but these changes might actually be good ones. The Universities of Rochester and Minnesota found that those who played violent games, such as Call of Duty, enjoyed up to [...]


You deserve a $45,000 gaming chair

For those who are committed to taking their game cave to the most extreme level possible, Emperor has released a fully customizable gaming chair that could moonlight as a wartime command center in some sci-fi flick. The Emperor 200 can be built however you want it, but will generally include a touch screen control center, [...]


Play Angry Birds with a real slingshot! (DIY Project)

You’ve probably played Angry Birds, or at least heard of it by now. But have you played it with this awesome slingshot controller? The slingshot can detect the angle of the slingshot and the strength of your pull, so you can play Angry Birds as it was meant to be played. The computer recognizes it [...]


Gaming Console Review Series: PlayStation 3

The PS3 is one of the most popular video game consoles of all time. Compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii, it may be the best console of the three. Its graphics are debatably the best and the software that comes with it is state-of-the-art. The PS3 might just be the best home entertainment system [...]


What to do if your Xbox 360 give you the red ring of death

The XBOX 360 has been competing to be the best console for about six years now. It has been ahead in the race for best console and behind at times. It has been the top competitor for the PS3 in graphics and online gameplay. In some ways, it’s been better than the PS3 and in [...]


iOS App Review: Pizza vs. Skeletons

Pizza vs. Skeletons is a brand new app in the app store and you can get it for only $2.99. This game to me was a little bit on the expensive side of what I would normally pay for an app, so I downloaded the free version to see what it was like first. The [...]


iOS App Review: Ragdoll Blaster 3

I haven’t played the previous Ragdoll Blaster games and, honestly, I wasn’t even aware they existed until I saw Ragdoll Blaster 3. Before buying the app – which was a dollar – I read some of the reviews. Some of the reviewers that gave it one or two stars said that it was a “kid” [...]


iOS App Review: Gravity Guy

The reason Gravity Guy caught my eye in the app store was because of the suit the character wears. It’s the same suit you can see in Jetpack Joyride which is also one of my favorites! Gravity Guy is a great game. It’s also very challenging. But, having a challenging game makes beating that game [...]

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