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Making an awesome game? Indie Fund can help you out.

Need funding to develop a game? Get funding from Indie Fund. Indie Fund is a funding source for independent developers, created by a group of successful indies looking to encourage the next wave of game developers. How to get funding: In a nutshell, Indie Fund works on a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” policy: [...]

ePawn Digital Gaming

@ePawn Arena: The Next Digital Gaming Revolution

ePawn has brought a new revolutionary idea to the gaming market. This could potentially be the next big thing for the gaming industry. Their goal is to “provide an affordable solution to integrate real-world objects into video games.” Is how this works is they have created a 26″ screen the interacts directly with smartphones, tablets, and [...]


Star Wars: The Old Republic, Hands On Review

I know I just wrote about some recent reviews for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but now that I have the game and have been playing it steadily, I wanted to do my own hands-on review and let you guys know what I think of it, just in case you’re on the fence about trying [...]


Batman: Arkham City, Hands On Review

Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  Batman: Arkham City came out about a month ago and it’s old news by now.  Well some of us don’t get to play it until Christmas, okay?  Which is why I’m doing a Hands On review right now. My brother and I have been playing Batman: Arkham City nonstop [...]

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Chrome Web Store Gets High Quality 3D Games

Google has been working hard to make Chrome the next big thing in online gaming. They have recently added a few high quality games to the Chrome Web Store that will please all types of gamers. The first of the games that they recently added was one of my favorites, Bejeweled. There have also been [...]


Top iOS Games of 2011

2011 has been a great year for iOS games, from Jetpack Joyride to various and sundry versions of Angry Birds.  But the list of the best iOS games from this year might surprise, likely because (unless you’re a hardcore iOS gamer) you haven’t heard of some of these games. Mashable recently published an article about [...]


Star Wars: The Old Republic, The Reviews Are In!

I’ve tried to keep you guys updated on Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I know I’ve gotten good feedback from a few readers.  So to you few, this one’s for you! SWtOR (which we shall henceforth call it to soothe my lazy tendencies) came out on Dec. 20th and the reviews and raves are [...]

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iPhone games in real life! (Viral music video)

We love iPhone games, but things are just more fun when you do them in real life. Hey Geronimo brought iPhone games to life in their music video: Like the song? You can get it for free on their bandcamp page. Here’s where you can follow Hey Geronimo: Facebook, @heygeronimo. The music video reminds me [...]

How Do They Compare? The Features of MW3 and BF3 Explained

The battle has begun between Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 and it all comes down to features. Both games are first person shooters and are known for their large scale maps, as well as unbelievably realistic graphics, but with the recent releases both games have come to a clash for the console top spot. [...]

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The Battle of the Behemoths: Call of Duty v. Battlefield

The real battle is in the gaming world this winter, between Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty has ruled the gaming industry since 2008, making a billion dollars a year for its publisher Activision. They have sold 20 million copies at a time and claimed the lead with every version they have put [...]

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