This Etsy Shop Will Customize A Stamp With Your Pet’s Face

Fact: Pets are amazing. So are stamps. Now, we can combine our love for pets and stamps by having our pets’ faces made into stamps that can be used to share said faces anywhere in the world. The product is called “Stamplifier” and is being sold on Etsy for $28 (that’s Canadian dollars, because of [...]

ChumBuddy Shark Week Sleeping Bag

The Best Gift For Shark Week Lovers

If you’re mourning the close of Shark Week, we’ve got the perfect gift for you. You can cuddle your new ChumBuddy or freak friends out with your new stuffed animal that can also devour unsuspecting victims.  I guess you could use it as a sleeping bag, too, which is an intended use. The only downside [...]


Gift Ideas For Your Tech-Loving Valentine

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away.  Bitter or sweet, though it may be for you, it’s an opportunity to splurge on a few fun (and tasty) things for your loved one (or self). Hopefully, this list will save your bacon, and even if it doesn’t, we’ve provided you with a bacon-related product so [...]


This Shower Curtain Is For Facebook Addicts

Social media addict? Check out the Social Shower Curtain, which looks like a Facebook profile page. “Is taking a shower the only time when you’re not clicking away on social networking sites? Well now even this is possible with the Social Shower Curtain – the ideal gift for social networking geeks.” Bring your profile to life while [...]


Prank Your Friends With These Tech Gifts

Have you ever seen a Prank Pack product? They make $8 boxes to put the real gift inside. “Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from clueless companies. Just pack your real gift inside, sit back and revel in your gift recipient’s half-hearted enthusiasm.” They have some fun tech boxes to wet [...]


Startup company says men deserve more than gift baskets, delivers goodies in crates with crowbars

Buying gifts for men … real men … is hard. With Father’s Day coming up in just a couple weeks, this reality is becoming as obvious as ever. Women? They’ve got it easy. They can buy gift baskets for each other. They can drive down to Bath And Body Works, buy a couple lotions, throw [...]

Picture 6

Geek Love: Pixels For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so now is the time to prepare something unique and creative for your loved one. Instead of caving in to the same old chocolates, flowers and stuffed animals, take a look at this list of ten great Valentine’s Day gifts and cards that celebrate the geek of your [...]

pinterest pinboards

Generate Great Ideas From Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the hottest websites, and it’s growing like wildfire. Although it’s accused as being a purely “girly” site, there is enough content on the site to appease every taste. Pinterest is an online bulletin board and social networking site. It thrives on simple and visually appealing images and ideas for the home, [...]


Avoid Buyer’s Remorse on Your Gadget Gifts

Ok, you may not have bought the gadget you received for Christmas. But for some reason it is not living up to your expectations. However you ended up with it, there are a few tips to avoid buyer’s remorse. An article from PsyBlog gives a few examples of what may cause buyer’s remorse. See if [...]


Not Sure What To Get For Christmas? Giveemthis

‘Tis the season for helping out your neighbors, going a’wassailing, and singing carols by a Christmas fire.  Right?  Alright, most people don’t think of those things first when they think of Christmas.  Nearly everyone probably thinks of gifts when they first hear the word “Christmas”. So, let’s talk about gifts then.  What’s on your list [...]

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