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Inbox For Google Is Good, But Is It Great?

In October, Google announced Inbox. It’s an app available on Android and iOS that creates a better email experience. Google has been releasing invites to Inbox for the past few weeks. I received mine a few days ago and have been using it almost non stop. It isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty great. Things I [...]


How To Delete Google+ Photos To Free Up Storage Space

The Google+ Auto Backup feature is very good and highly recommended. All photos taken on your phone are backed up so that you don’t actually lose everything if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. You may have decided a while ago that this was a good idea, clicked auto backup, and forgot about it. [...]

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How To Easily Transfer Your Content From Android To iOS

The iPhone 6 comes out this week. For many, this is the phone that is causing them to switch from Android. We’ve all heard the many reasons for not wanting to switch. Transferring calendar, contacts, pictures, apps…it’s quite a process. Or so you think. If you’ve never switched, you might be surprised at how easy [...]


New Gmail Hack Let’s You Send Emails In The Future

How often do you send a message with an important time sensitive question, but forget that you haven’t gotten an answer until it’s too late? Or, you remember right now that you should email that person, but you don’t think you should send it at 4am. Sometimes, you just need to be able to schedule [...]


This Service Will Automatically Download Email Attachments To Your Dropbox

Downloading attachments from emails you receive will be a needless extra step in the email experience if one participant in the recent TechCrunch Disrupt Conference has its way. Ooberdocs was one of the technologies built during the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon and is a service that syncs with your email account, identifies email attachments in [...]


Google Secures Gmail Communications Between Data Centers For Your Privacy

In a blog post dated March 20, Google gets proactive about letting you know how your Gmail data is stored and transferred between its data centers. From the time you login until you logout, you’re always using an HTTPS encrypted connection. This means all your sent and received messages can’t be intercepted by prying eyes [...]


Now You Can Attach Photos In Gmail Directly From Google+

Google has given us another reason to make Google+ part of our lives. It is now possible in Gmail to attach a photo directly from Google+. If you click on the “attach photos” option, it goes directly to your Google+ photos. It is so easy to select an album or multiple photos. This is especially [...]


Here’s A List Of Google Hangout Features

If you aren’t a fan of Google Hangouts, it’s probably because you haven’t tried it yet.  It’s incredibly useful, and super easy.  If you need help starting a Hangout, check out my post on How To Start A Google Hangout. Here are some features you should know about: Archive – Each time you have a [...]


How To Stop Google+ Strangers From Emailing You

Last week Google announced the new Google+ and Gmail integration which means people from Google+ can email Gmail users even if they don’t know their email address. Since then, you’ve probably received an email that looks a bit like THIS that is explaining the new changes and what it means to us.  Google is trying [...]


Gmail And Google+ Integration Is Great If You Adjust Privacy Settings

Google has been trying to integrate Google+ into our everyday lives for a while now, most recently linking YouTube comments and Blogger. A lot of people have been slow to accept this new social media outlet, which is frustrating because it is so awesome (#AutoAwesome). Google has just announced that over the next few days [...]

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