How Often Does Google Maps Get Updated?

Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone, or you’re looking at Google Maps on your computer, you’ve surely experienced a time when you know a particular road on your route has changed since the last map update. If you’re using Google Maps Navigation in the car to get somewhere, you know this experience to [...]


Google Is Looking For Brave Travelers To Extend The Reach Of Google Maps

Do you consider yourself an adventurous traveler?  Google is looking for brave travelers who don’t require Gucci suitcases, air-conditioning, or regular showers.  These travelers will help build their pilot program, Trekker, a wearable backpack camera system intended to extend the reach of Google Maps.  This means you become the Google Street View vehicle in a [...]


Here’s How Car Maker Fiat Pranked Its Rival Using Google Maps

Car makers Fiat and Volkswagen are competitors. Fiat saw an opportunity to play a creative prank on its rival. As the Daily Mail reported: Fiats workers spotted the Google Street view car, which captures panoramic views of locations around the world with a roof camera, driving past its offices and quickly drove to Södertälje 45 minutes [...]


Here’s What You Need To Know: Google Rebuilds Its Maps Software From Ground Up [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

A rebuilt desktop experience for Google Maps was one of the major announcements out of the Google I/O Conference, Wednesday. Google will soon release a new version of Google Maps on the desktop that will feature a redesigned experience (“from the ground up”, executives say) featuring tighter integration with Google Earth and Google Street View, [...]


Google Has A Skydiving Simulator And It’s Awesome

Google has, hands down, the most comprehensive and current map data of, well, most of planet Earth. From driving directions and Google Street View, to aerial shots with Google Earth, there isn’t much of our world you can’t see from your own computer. Google partnered with another company, Instrument, to create a virtual skydiving experience. [...]


Anyone Can Do It: How To Request To Have Your House Blurred On Google Maps Street View

Want your house blurred on Google Maps Street View? Google makes it easy to request blurring. Here’s how to make a request: Let’s pretend you want to blur the white building above. You’d focus the street view on the appropriate image and then click ‘Report a problem’ in the lower right. Upon clicking ‘Report a [...]


Free Tool Allows You To Make Mesmerizing Hyperlapses Using Google Maps Street View

Single images from Google Maps Street View are stitched together create the “hyperlapse” above. A project by Teehan+Lax Labs, the technology used to create the hyperlapse is available for free to all. Users can create a simple hyperlapse on the project’s webpage, or source code can be downloaded for use by developers. Regardless how it’s [...]


Google Adds ‘Treasure Maps’

According to Google, “In September 2012 our team discovered a paper map that has been verified as Captain Kidd’s treasure map. However, we haven’t deciphered all the clues yet and its up to you to access his map and uncover the secrets. If we all work together, we can solve the mystery and find the [...]


Google Maps Now Gives You Subway Arrival/Departure Times in NYC

If you live and/or work in New York City and use the MTA to get around , you’ll be thrilled with the latest update for Google Maps. (It’s already live in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store — go update now!) Starting today, Google Maps now gives you current arrival and departure times [...]


Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Hyundai, And Kia Will Feature Google Maps Integration

Regardless of what smartphone or tablet you use, you’re likely already very familiar with Google Maps. They have undoubtedly created the most comprehensive and complete database of mapping data; from simple 2D road maps, to personalized My Maps which groups can customize and build upon, to Street View, Satellite View, and Google Earth, as well as navigation [...]

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