[Tip] Use Google Maps in iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Many are outraged about the exclusion of Google Maps from iOS 6 and on the just-released iPhone 5. While we’ve heard rumors of Google releasing a native version of the app for iOS users, no such app has materialized yet. In the meantime, if Apple’s Maps app has you down, get your Google Maps on [...]


Rip Tide Warning App

Since it is Rip Current Awareness Week (June 3 – June 9), students from the Stevens Institute of Technology and the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium (NJSGC) have developed an app that warns users of unsafe beaches. According to WebMD, rip tides are a top danger and deadly phenomena. Unfortunately, they tend to receive much [...]


Google preparing to announce new Maps features just before Apple makes its own maps announcement

By now you know that Apple has announced its plans to divorce itself from use of Google Maps in iOS, with Apple developing its own mapping software that it will likely announce at WWDC starting on June 11. Well, Google may be attempting to upstage whatever Apple plans to announce about maps, because the search [...]

ZAGG Across The Globe: A Map of ZAGG Stories (by Our Customers)

With over 30 million invisibleSHIELDs sold, ZAGG products touch the lives of millions every day. We’re grateful for our customers and followers and we love hearing how our products are used. We heard the story of the life-saving ZAGGsparq, the ZAGGfolios that protect iPads from road rash (link & link), and many other real-life stories. [...]

Google Glass Indoor Map

Google releases Android app to help businesses add indoor maps

Google Maps is by far one of the most used applications on my phone. With the addition of 3D structures, it is pretty hard to be lost these days. That is until you enter a large building that you have never been in before. To help this, Google has added a way for companies to [...]

2011 Ford F-150

Would You Want Your iPad Built In To Your Car?

Some people may ask, “Why would you put a perfectly good iPad into your car when you could just carry it with you everywhere (including into the car)?” I honestly don’t know…. BUT, it’s a cool idea right?! Imagine being able to FaceTime with your friends while you’re driving. Granted, you will definitely need some [...]

Picture 9

5 Restricted Areas in Google Maps

Google maps is one of the coolest and easiest ways to site see without leaving your home. You can literally look up the Statue of Libery, zoom in and viola! You’re there! But not every location is visible on the site; some of the images are blurred or distorted for security reasons. The Michael Aaf [...]

Robin checks in at the Batcave

Win Latitude Leaderboards with auto check-ins (post by @brettbristow22)

So you have checked into Foursquare and challenged your friends in check-in points game. For the first week it is fun and entertaining until you completely forget the app even exists. Google has created a Leaderboard of its own and will help you easily keep your check-ins up to date and private. The Leaderboard function [...]


NUKEMAP Tells You If You Could Escape A Nuclear Blast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a nuclear bomb in your home town? If you haven’t had such dark curiosities, I’m sure you do now. You’re probably wondering if you would be able to escape the bomb in time. You’d probably like to know how far away from the bomb [...]

Google Maps Menu

Google Changes Navigation Bar to Google Bar

Google continues to redesign its services to make them more eye pleasing and easier to use. They are now rolling out a new Google Bar that will be placed at the top of all Google services instead of the previous black bar with the row of services. Now when you hover over the Google icon it will [...]

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