Sochi 2014

Olympic Apps You’ll Need For Sochi 2014

It’s Olympic Time!  I’m really excited about this.  The Winter Olympics happen only once every 4 years, so we have to make the most of them each time.  Sochi, Russia and all of our Olympians have been preparing for years to make these two weeks incredible for everybody.  Here are some Apps that will help [...]


How To Censor Online Videos For Kids

I’ll be honest. I don’t really have a problem with watching movies or videos with swearing, sex, or violence in them. In fact, because I’ve been an adult for so long (I won’t tell you how long), I hardly even notice if my favorite comedian drops the “bomb” in a YouTube clip. But my friends [...]


Scribd: Netflix for Books

Don’t know what to get the book worm on your Christmas list? How about a monthly subscription to Scribd, an online database of more than 40 million books and documents? Better than just one book you think they might like, Scribd is a book lover’s smorgashborg, with an unlimited number of books, papers, research, and [...]


Parker: Find A Parking Spot Ahead Of Time

If you’ve ever tried to find a parking space in a busy downtown area or by a large university, you know what a hassle it can be. Parker, an app by Streetline, is helping connect cars with a space to sit and wait for you while you go about your business and it’s expanding into [...]


Google Offers $25 Google Play Credit + Free Shipping on Nexus 7

If one of the latest and greatest Android tablets is on your wish list this holiday season, Google just launched an enticing offer on the new Nexus 7: $25 in free Google Play credit and free shipping. A quick check of the different size and connectivity variations indicates all models are currently in-stock, shipping within [...]


All Galaxy Note 3 Owners Get A $50 Google Play Credit

If you’ve already purchased (or plan on purchasing) Samsung’s latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 3, you’re eligible for a $50 Google Play credit. That should help fund the purchase of a decent amount of apps, books, movies, music, or other digital content from the Play Store. It’ll also help ease the Galaxy Note 3′s $300 [...]


Does Candy Crush End?

With more than 51 million “Likes” on Facebook, 100 million installs from Google Play alone, and an estimated revenue of over $850,000 a day (US market and iOS estimate only), Candy Crush is by far one of the most popular games you can play. But does it ever end? The more appropriate question is, “WILL [...]


Nexus 5 To Be Available On Google Play Next Thursday Oct. 31?

The folks at MobileSyrup are reporting that we’ll see the LG Nexus 5 go live on Halloween here in the States. These were the same tipsters who brought us the leaked press render seen above. Glad to see some good Android news this week — it’s been ridiculously uneventful! If this tip holds up, will [...]


How Many Apps Are In The App Store? (2013)

While the correct answer for this question changes every single day, this post attempts to put into perspective the sheer size of Apple’s App Store. These figures are current as of today, October 9, 2013. Total Number of Active Apps (available for download): 849,813 Total Number of Inactive Apps (not available for download): 368,422 Combine [...]


Google Play Bans This NSA-esque App For Girlfriends

You think the NSA’s scary? This app puts spying power into the hands of someone even more terrifying: paranoid girlfriends. “Boyfriend Tracker” is exactly what it sounds like, but probably even more extreme than you think.  Let me explain (I imagine tracked boyfriends everywhere are saying the same thing) : This app allows you to track [...]

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