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Google+ Passes Twitter, Hits 343 Million Monthly Users

Google+ just passed Twitter to become the world’s 2nd largest social network. Surprised? I was. Here’s some background behind that statistic. Monthly users According to a study by GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has 343 million monthly users, compared to Facebook’s 693 million and Twitter’s 288 million. The key word here is monthly users. Certain types of users, such as [...]

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So… Will Google Acquire Pinterest?

Pinterest is amazing. It really has just exploded. But don’t think of it as an over-night success. Pinterest began development in December of 2009. The didn’t have a prototype until March of 2010. Today, they are one of the most talked about social networking sites. Instagram was bought up in only three days. If anyone [...]

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5+ Reasons Google+ Rocks, Facebook Sucks (post by @mrgnw)

Google+ is better than Facebook. There, I said it. A bold statement, I know. Why would I say that? To put it simply, Google+ is easier to use. Here’s how: Customized sharing When Google+ came out, their main selling point was circles: an easy way to decide who sees what you share. Facebook copied this [...]

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Why Do Photographers Love Google+?

Photographers love Google+. Why? I’ve noticed that photographers love Google+. Why? In addition to being easier than Facebook, Google+ has several features that are better for collaboration and creation. Share circles Many photographers create and share entire lists of photographers, making it easier to discover new photographers. Here’s an example: Circle of Inspiration by Colby Brown. [...]

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Google+ Welcomes Teens

On Thursday, Google made an announcement that may affect Facebook’s traffic in the 13-17 set. Google Plus is now open to teenagers, and additional safety features have been added to secure their privacy. Google had previously restricted anyone younger than 18 from joining Google+, hoping to avoid safety situations with minors on its network. Since [...]

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Google: Please Consolidate Your Messaging Services

So you want to contact someone but you are not sure which is the best way other than calling them. You first try to send them a Google Chat message but their status is away. You then send them text them with no reply and lastly try the messenger in Google+ to get your message [...]

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Google+ updates before the holidays

This month, Google+ has made several updates. Here are the main updates that have occurred over the past month. Find My Face & Photos Find My Face scans photos for your face and automatically tags the ones that have you in them. Currently, Social networking requires you or your friends to tag you. Sometimes you [...]

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Google+ Reveals Ripples: Sharing Something Has Never Looked So Cool

Social media has been a wonderful place to go to find what people are talking about. I have always been interested in where pictures and links originated from and how they ended up on my stream or wall. Facebook has recently made it so when you share something it keeps who originally created the post [...]

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