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Siri controls everything! Siri hacks control your videos, thermostat, and more…

About a month ago we wrote about the flood of rumors about Steve Jobs’ ideal Apple TV, which everybody assumed to be a voice-controlled AppleTV. Developer Hjalti Jakobsson demonstrates a plug-in for Plex that essentially lets you control your TV with your voice. You’ll note that the implementation in the video has the sound muted and [...]

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Sprint customers, are you using the benefits of Google Voice?

Google has worked its hardest to get Google Voice to work friendly with the major carriers in the US. Currently you can set up a new Google Voice number and have it start receiving your voicemaels and you can even customize the voicemail message for each group in your contacts. In order to get the [...]


3 Sweet Android Apps – iTunes, VOIP, and a Camera

I’m an iPhone user by day, and an Android user by… every once in a while. After the article I wrote earlier today about the lack of app success on Android, I thought I should mention a few apps that I have on my device. These may not be apps for everyone. But if you [...]

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