U.S. Gov’t: What You Store in the Cloud Isn’t Protected by the Fourth Amendment

Back in April of this year, a judge in New York ruled that search warrants issued in the U.S. applied to digital content, even if the content was stored on servers overseas and physically outside U.S. jurisdiction. The same is not true for physical content. For example, a search warrant issued in the U.S. would [...]


As Early As 2004, The NSA Could Locate Your Cell Phone (Even When Turned Off)

As early as 2004, long before the majority of Americans even had mobile phones, the National Security Agency (NSA) could pinpoint you using your own device, even if it was powered off. Dana Priest of The Washington Post writes: With the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the surprisingly quick disintegration of postwar conditions there, the [...]


Apple’s iMessage Encryption Is So Strong The DEA And FBI Are Having Difficulty Intercepting iMessages

Most of us don’t have anything to hide, but this is still a big deal for individual privacy: iMessages sent from one Apple device to another Apple device cannot be intercepted by the government. An except from CNET: Encryption used in Apple’s iMessage chat service has stymied attempts by federal drug enforcement agents to eavesdrop [...]


All 100 U.S. Senators Are On Twitter

There’s no doubt about it: social networks have fundamentally changed how we consume news (did you find this story on Facebook/Twitter?), interact with each other, and keep up with the people, companies, groups and organizations that matter to us. On Friday, a blog post from Twitter announced that all 100 sitting U.S. Senators have active [...]


Here’s How The FCC Plans To Speed Up Wi-Fi

Big news for anyone who believes that Wi-Fi is the future: The FCC is planning on helping boost the speed and capacity of Wi-Fi networks by increasing the spectrum made available for the wireless protocol. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski said that the new scheme, aimed at increasing speeds and alleviating congestion in [...]


NTSB is the latest government agency to drop BlackBerry for iPhone

The National Transportation Safety Board, the government agency that investigates aviation accidents, will move completely away from BlackBerry, choosing the iPhone 5 as their smartphone of choice. It is also extending its contracts with Verizon. The NTSB is the latest U.S. Government agency to give RIM’s BlackBerry the boot. In a public filing last week, [...]


Starting in 2015 All New Cars Will Have Their Own ‘Black Box’

A new bill that has passed the Senate requires all new cars in the USA to be made with airplane-like black box data recorders starting in 2015. Similar to the devices in airplanes, the black boxes would record car speeds, miles, and possibly GPS location data. Data recorded just before and after a crash would [...]


So pilots can use the iPad on an airplane, but you can’t? Here’s how that might be changing

So did you know that while you have to turn your iPad off in the back, your pilot is up in the cockpit playing Angry Birds? Okay, not really. He’s actually playing Draw Something with a new Cosmonaut. The FAA cleared the iPad and other devices for use in cockpits of commercial aircraft by pilots [...]

Minority report robotic spiders

FCC Wants A GPS In All Phones by 2018

The FCC wants all phones in the US to have GPS capability by 2018. (Press release) Why the FCC wants it 911 is starting to accept texts. I can’t think of a slower way than texting to say “I’ve fallen and need help,” but GPS capability should allow units to be dispatched quickly to the [...]

The America Invents Act site

Will US Patent Reform Make Everybody Happy?

The America Invents Act, a 150-page bill, intends to “encourage innovation, job creation, and economic growth” by updating the current patent system. There’s been a lot of patent warfare going on, which is frustrating many developers. Some developers say that software patents are actually limiting creativity. This is an age filled with start-ups and entrepreneurship, [...]

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