This iPad Accessory Is For Expert And Beginner Guitarists — You Strum Real Strings Too

The JamStik comes from a company called Zivix (even the name is cool). It’s a little MIDI guitar that works with real guitar strings, works wirelessly over Wi-Fi and has a small design for portability. The biggest feature is that it supports string bending “thanks to the way it detects finger movement on the neck”. [...]


This Electric Guitar Allows You to Rock Out with iOS, PC, or Mac

Let’s face it, many people dream of being big rockstars but one of the biggest hurdles in setting foot in the right direction is getting the proper equipment. A solid set up of an electric guitar, an amp, and recording software can run a couple thousand dollars. Fender has teamed up with Apple to release [...]


Finally, a laser air guitar for the rocker inside us all

Who doesn’t love rocking out on the air guitar? You’re in a club and the house band starts playing “Freebird” and you all of a sudden start strumming invisible strings, arching your back like you’re rocking the solo in front of a packed house of 90,000 fans…yeah, you’ve done it before, we’ve all done it [...]


Air Picks: An Air Guitarist’s Dream Come True

Have you ever been in an air band? You know, where the drummer slams invisible sticks on the snare? Or when the bassist slaps the invisible strings? Have you ever wailed on an invisible guitar hoping someday, that guitar was real? If you’ve done any of these things and don’t want to waste time learning [...]


Apple rockstars, turn your iPad into a guitar

This gadget is for all of you iPad-owning air-guitar players: ION Audio’s Guitar apprentice. (Not to be confused with the game Guitar Apprentice) The Guitar Apprentice got some good press at CES. Its aim is to help you learn guitar. “Learn guitar faster than ever before: Using the GUITAR APPRENTICE app, you can follow the [...]


Turn Your iPad In To A Multi-Effects Pedal

Do you love your iPad?  Of course you do.  They are neat.  But if you’re like most Apple product owners, you are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to use your device, whether that be new apps, accessories, whatever.  This post is for those of you who own an iPad and also love to [...]

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Cool Kickstarter Projects

You’ve likely already heard of Kickstarter, the site that helps inventors and idea makers to get their ideas out in to the world and get some financial backing.  Recently a batch of new and innovative ideas have come out for the iPhone and, I must say, they are pretty cool.  It amazes me how creative [...]


iPad 2 Apps That Will Push Its Power

Were you lucky enough to get your hands on a new iPad 2?  If you bought your iPad 2 because of the raw processing and graphics power that it has, or because it has improved speaker quality, then you may want to take a look at some of the following apps.  They will be sure [...]