This Trick Might Get You Straight Through To A Human While Calling Customer Support

If you’ve ever tired of pushing buttons, replying verbally to a machine, or cycling through the available options on automated customer service system with a less than desirable result, a Reddit user has a solution for you.  Recently, while trying to contact Apple in order to order a new keyboard, user floppybutton’s frustration level hit [...]


This Dad Should Be In The Running For Parent Of The Year After He Hacks Donkey Kong For His Daughter

Mike Mika should be in the running for Parent of the Year 2013.  When his three year old daughter told her dad that she wanted to play Donkey Kong as the “girl” and save Mario, her dad didn’t want to disappoint.  Instead, Mika, who enjoys playing video games with his daughter, stayed up very late [...]


Mind Controlled Siri [VIDEO]

Duane Cash, an iOS developer for Honda R&D Americas, has posted a video that allegedly shows him controlling Siri with is brain. Duane describes the project: This is a one of my initial tests using a brainwave-reading device to control some custom Siri functions on a iPhone. For the first speech recognition segment I wave [...]


Apple’s Secret iPhone Features – Hackery, but no jailbreaking required

Here are some secrets that require some hackery, but not jailbreaking. Apple buried some secrets in the iPhone’s OS that include an alternate keyboard that includes spelling suggestions, and a panorama mode for the camera. Spelling suggestions on the iPhone I’ve heard good and bad things about this keyboard. For users who want spelling predictions [...]


Old Nintendo console hacked to act as an alarm clock

Alarm clocks. There hasn’t been a great deal of innovation in the space over the past 10 to 15 years. Sure, many of us now use our cell phones as our alarm clocks, and there have been some nifty novelty products released such as alarm clocks on wheels that roll off your dresser and make [...]


Xbox Kinect in the Operating Room?

When the Xbox Kinect first came out, there was a lot of commotion about all the hacking that was going on. At first, Microsoft didn’t want to play nice. But then they realized that they stumbled on to a gold mine, albeit accidentally. It turns out you can do a lot more than just play [...]