The Best Gadgets to Take When You Travel

Apple iPad mini Hands down, the best tablet when traveling is the iPad mini. This is especially true if you opt for one of the models with built-in cellular connectivity and add it to your data plan. Most carriers offer this option for an extra $10 bucks a month. If you’re on the go a [...]


This 1987 Pizza Hut Radio Was The Raddest

This Pizza Hut Radio could be found for $12.95 at RadioShack. Here’s a pic from their catalog back in 1987. Imagine listening to U2, Bon Jovi, and the Bangles on these pizza pipes. Headphones that look like pizzas equals a major win! Original article on BuzzFeed can be found here.


The Best Memorial Day Deals for Tech Travelers

Along with the three-day weekend, Memorial Day marks one of the bigger sales days of the year. So it’s a great time to travel and save on your favorite gadgets and accessories. Here are some of the best deals around the ‘net: Toshiba Canvio Basics 1TB Portable Hard Drive If you’re traveling this weekend, you’re [...]


Does This Helmet Make Your Hair Grow Back?

Yes…. It exists. “What’s that on your head?”  “Oh, it just grows my hair.” In a world where there are only hair creams and hair implants, a new, more safe and effective way to grow hair has been announced. Through hair growing laser technology (or something…) it is now possible to have a full head [...]


2-in-1 Headphones / Speakers Give You The Best of Both Worlds

Everyone loves a good 2-in-1 combo. Take the futon, for example. Is it a sofa or a bed? Both! Genius! Or remember those fancy ballpoint pens that would let you choose from a variety of colors, all in the same pen? It’s all about efficiency, folks. That’s why a pair of headphones is nice on [...]


Make the Smart Choice When It Comes to Headphones

They break a lot. At least for me they do. Maybe I just use them too much but it seems that any pair of headphones I use end up in the trash after a few months. It’s because they either get a short in them, or they fall apart in my hands. So, being through [...]


Wherein Your iPod Shuffle Becomes It’s Own Headphones

Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall from Salt Lake City, Utah have a great product idea to make your iPod Shuffle much more convenient to use. Instead of tying it down with 3 feet of cable, they’ve combined the Shuffle with a great looking set of headphones. Simply plug the Shuffle directly into the headphones, and [...]


Kickstarter Scoop: Turn your iPod shuffle into awesome headphones

Sick of earphones dangling around as you run? Cut the cord with this unique pair of headphones: the ODDIO1. As designers Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall put it: We found the iPod shuffle to be the perfect musical sidekick… but plugging in 3 feet of cord really ties it down… so we made it better for our [...]


Ronin Headphones Review

Part of being a blogger for ZAGG means getting set up with some nice swag.  But not just any swag –ZAGGswag.  That’s right, some pretty legit stuff.  Recently ZAGG acquired the company iFrogz, maker of some really cool Apple product cases, covers, as well as some really nifty headphones. I recently just got a pair [...]

Ryan’s MacBook Pro

Personal MacBook Pro Review

Well folks, my happiest posts on this blog are when I am reviewing tech of my own. This is one of those posts. Last week I upgraded my 3 year old (technically 4 years old as I got it on close out) MacBook Pro with a fancy, shiny new one. Yes. A 15″ MacBook Pro [...]

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