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Don’t Just Make Your Home Smart—Make it Brilliant

Back in July, we told you about how you could make your home smarter by using a system called Wink. Back then, it was summer…I don’t know if you remember, but it was warm, and your movements throughout the day centered around if the place you were going had air conditioning. And that’s why we [...]


For $558 This Gadget Blasts Stinky Ions And Keeps Clothes Fresh

You can certainly try to mask the any odors that might be found in your closet. Some people try leaving a box of soap open, or spraying their clothes with cologne (like Abercrombie in stores). Living in Japan While I was in Japan it was hard to keep clothes in the closet fresh. The humidity [...]


Privacy Pop is patent pending bedroom tent… like when you were a little kid.

I have absolutely no idea when I would have used this thus far in my life. I do realize that some people have to share a room with others, and would like to keep covered, and private nevertheless. If there ever is a time that I want privacy from other people in my room, I [...]


The weirdest microwave ever: The Proinjector

Here’s a quirky new invention for you: the Proinjector. It’s a projector/microwave hybrid, which projects your food onto a nearby wall so you can watch it from a far. The projector was added to the sleek, round microwave as a way to let you watch your food cook without getting radiation exposure. “It has been [...]


7 Reasons You Should Move Your Mobile Number To Google Voice?

You can easily move your Sprint mobile number over to Google Voice. The question is, should you? Here are the top 6 reasons you might want to (with a bonus reason). 6 – You get one unified voicemail box. Any of you already using Google Voice know the hassle of having multiple voicemail inboxes. Anyone [...]


You Gotta See… Apple Employees Create Impressive Thermostat: Nest

Design is important. Gadgets with good design are much cooler than gadgets with ugly design. The New Nest Thermostat Thermostats have a terrible design. Dan Frommer points out: Go to the “thermostats” page on the Home Depot website — I’ve sorted the results to put the most expensive ones at the top of the page [...]

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No, That Isn’t A Window. It’s A Huge Screen

“In ten years, window panes will double as lighting and display screens, giving personality to buildings…” That’s what Samsung believes, at least. (The Korea Herald) We like to cram technology into everything we have. So let’s make our windows act as giant LED screens and lights, shall we? Reduced manufacturing cost Having windows that double [...]


Make Craigslist… Nicer?

As many of you may know, craigslist is not the most visual-friendly form of site on the web. In fact, the whole thing is just downright ugly. While they undoubtedly could spice up their pages to make it nicer, they really just don’t have to. As of now, there is really nothing threatening to knock [...]


The Future of the Home Network

With the current trend in wireless internet enabled devices, I started to think what the future of the home network would be. Seamless integrated internet points are certain to be the norm, along with wi-fi extenders and other pieces that extend your wireless network. Even now I see homes with every room hard-wired for direct [...]