Marriott hotel 2

Marriott Won’t Block Your Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot Anymore

Frequent tech-savvy travelers are used to hotels charging big bucks for the privilege of using the hotel’s provided Wi-Fi as a service. In my experience (and others agree), this Wi-Fi can become quite slow, especially when it’s trying to handle all the smartphones, laptops, and tablets we take with us while traveling. (Have you ever [...]

ipad_hotspot_on-620×465 (1)

How to access your new iPad’s personal hotspot from your Mac or iPod

So you figured out how to turn on the personal hotspot for your new iPad. Either you’re paying through the nose for it through AT&T, or it came with your Verizon plan. Either way, now you need to hook some devices up to it. Hopefully you have a decent password for the device so that [...]


This Wi-Fi Detector T-Shirt Lights Up If There’s Wi-Fi Nearby

You don’t have to worry about looking on your iPod to check for wireless networks anymore! You’ll never have to start up your laptop to check for a signal ever again! With the Wi-Fi detector shirt, you can see just how strong Wi-Fi really is wherever you go. With this shirt, YOU are the human [...]

WiFI Cufflinks

Never Leave Home Without Your WiFi Cufflinks

So you’re at a business meeting with fellow employees but you’ve all forgotten your WiFi hotspots, and there is only one ethernet connection in the wall. Luckily you are the James Bond of tech and have been equipped with these stylish but super slim advanced cufflinks. You unplug it and put it into your computer [...]

iPhone 4. Available on Verizon February 10

Why I’m excited about a Verizon iPhone and I’m not even their customer

When the Verizon iPhone 4 was announced last week in New York City, I was excited. Honestly more excited than I thought I would be. Even more honestly I didn’t even think I would be excited. You see, I’m an AT&T customer. I switched over from T-Mobile in 2008 simply so that I could have the [...]