What Tech Company Spends The Most On Advertising? The Results Might Surprise You.

Here are some interesting numbers for you to wrap your head around. In 2012, Samsung spent as much money on advertising as Apple did this entire year and the last three years — combined. Microsoft’s advertising budget jumped this year, most likely because 2013 is the first year they’ve had a broad portfolio of products [...]

HP Spectre One – Engadget Galleries

HP Introduces The Spectre, Looks Like Something We’ve Seen Before

The one bright side of manufacturers ripping off Apple’s products is that we end up with much more beautiful hardware. There have been multiple posts showing the changes in phones since the iPhone, or laptops since the MacBook Air. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought we needed a post showing the changes in all-in-ones since [...]


Appreciation For Apple’s Naming System (by @calebhicks)

I was trying to write an article on HPs new lineup of computers that were recently announced, but before long, my head was spinning from all of the ultrabook, fauxtrabook, sleekbook nonsense. I am admittedly unfamiliar with HP’s product lines, so maybe these names make sense to those who have followed HP’s products for more [...]

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The Sundance Swag Festival

Where there are celebrities, there is swag, and the Sundance Film Festival is no exception. Heaven forbid anyone start focusing too much on the actual films, nearly a dozen gift suites opened their doors the first Friday of the festival along Park City’s Main Street. The swag suites have become a regular, rather gross, part [...]


HP Open Sources WebOS

Last week HP announced that the fate of WebOS  is that they are going to open source it. For WebOS lovers this is good news in hopes that the software will continue to live on through the open source community. This now allows for such companies as HTC to pick up the software and apply [...]


Is the HP TouchPad the Best iPad Alternative?

When you pick a gadget, especially a tablet, you are effectively hitching your caboose to the company making the product. Some people want a non-Apple device. Maybe these people don’t like the way Apple does business; or maybe these people have a uncontrollable fear of fruit. The HP TouchPad is the best alternative to the [...]


Sony releases new tablets featuring Android 3.0

Apple. Motorola. HP. Samsung. Sony? Yep. That’s right, yesterday Sony unveiled their current offerings to the tablet market: two slate devices with radical form factors that are not only different from their competitors, but different from each other. First up is the creatively named S1. The tablet itself is a smooth wedge shape, reminiscent of [...]


Samsung Galaxy Tab(s)

Well, well, well. Things are about to get a little more interesting in the Apple dominant tablet market. That is, if Samsung keeps up with its promises and offerings recently revealed at their press event at CTIA 2011 in Florida. There had been pretty solid rumors concerning a Galaxy Tab 8.9 which was revealed at [...]


What the tablet war is all about

All this tablet talk is getting interesting and heated… The fight of iPhone vs. Android vs. Palm (now HP) vs. Windows Mobile vs. Blackberry has upped a notch with each company releasing (or inevitably will realease) some sort of tablet device to compete with the others. Sides are being formed and lines are being drawn, [...]


HP D110A Wireless Printer Review

I like Apple products. It doesn’t make them any cheaper though…or their peripherals either. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised to discover that their is a decently priced HP printer out there with Apple’s AirPrint capabilities. Yes. You now can be a part of Steve Job’s dream of individuals printing directly from their iOS devices. AirPrint [...]

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