NFC Buttons For Your Android

I’m a big fan of using NFC to make everyday tasks easier. I have been using NFC tags for a while now, but I don’t have any that I take with me when I’m out and about. DIMPLE has created a sticker that attaches to your phone or tablet. Each sticker has 4 buttons that [...]


HTC Wants To Bring Optical Zoom To Smartphones And Own The ‘Selfie’ Market

HTC recently released its newest smartphone, the HTC One X, but already has its eyes on the evolutions that will power its future entries into the smartphone world. In an interview with HTC camera expert Symon Whitehorn, Vodavone UK uncovered that HTC’s strategy will largely be focused on advancing its camera technology. But we’re not [...]


How Does The ‘All New HTC One’ Stack Up To The Samsung Galaxy S5?

The “All New HTC One” made its debut this week after months of speculation, rumors, and leaked photos. As you’d expect, it looks a like like the original HTC One before it. Also like its predecessor, its biggest rival is the Samsung Galaxy S5. A few of you have asked how the two compare, so [...]


Sneak Peek At HTC Sense 6.0 Before It’s Revealed Next Week

Next week, on March 25, HTC is expected to unveil their latest (and much anticipated) flagship smartphone, the follow up to the HTC One we saw last year. Photos and videos of the device have been leaking for months — at least some of which HAS to be intentional — and here’s the latest, which [...]


How To Upgrade Your Phone Using T-Mobile’s Jump! Plan

It’s been a little more than half a year since the major U.S. cellular carriers introduced a variety of plans that enable users to upgrade their phones more often in exchange for a monthly fee added to their bills. After T-Mobile announced their version of a frequent upgrade plan — Jump! — I was quick [...]


This Man’s HTC Smartphone Stopped a Bullet and Saved His Life

What would have otherwise been a crime report followed by an obituary took a surprising turn for the best. A Florida gas station robbery gone wrong left a store clerk with some chest pains. The suspect had fled the store when he realized the employees couldn’t gain access to the safe. As he ran out [...]


130 HTC Ones Synchronized To Make The Ultimate 3D Photobooth [VIDEO]

In an effort to promote its Snapdragon mobile processors, Qualcomm created the ultimate photobooth by synchronizing 130 HTC Ones to capture photos in a combined 540-degree view. The HTC One uses a Snapdragon 600, one of the higher-end chips. The results are pretty incredible. —– You should follow¬†Mike on Twitter for more great tech insights [...]


Now You Can Get A 24k Gold HTC One

HTC has done a good job offering various color options for its flagship One. So far, we’ve seen silver, black, red, and most recently blue, which is exclusive to Best Buy. But, for those of you with some extra Benjamins to burn, 31 of them will get you a 24 karat gold model from HTC [...]


Reminder: The HTC One Goes on Sale at Verizon Tomorrow for $199

One of the phones I’ve covered extensively this year is HTC’s flagship phone, the HTC One. It’s been available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint for months now, and we’re glad to see Verizon finally getting it together to bring this great device to market on their first-class 4G LTE network. It’ll be available tomorrow in [...]


HTC One: The Complete Review

Our friends at Wireless Vision hooked us up with the HTC One (T-Mobile) and I’ve been putting it through its paces for the last few weeks. In Part One, I did a camera comparison between the One and the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. In Part Two, I gave you 5 Tips and Tricks (including [...]

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