[How To] Setup iCloud Photo Library to View Your Photos Online and Across All Your iDevices

One of the new features released with iOS 8.1 this week is iCloud Photo Library. Apple still considers it a BETA service, but in my testing, it works as advertised. iCloud Photo Library has a number of benefits, especially for multi-device users. Automatic backup of your Camera Roll to the cloud provides for safe storage. [...]


Apple CEO Tim Cook: Alerts For Changes To iCloud Accounts Are Coming

Users of Apple’s iCloud service will soon have access to additional security features, including receiving alerts when changes are made to their accounts, the company’s CEO said this week. Apple CEO Tim Cook, with his first comments on the subject of this last week’s big news story about several celebrities’ iCloud accounts being compromised, said [...]


3 Vital Tips To Secure Your iCloud Account

It was a tough weekend for some of our beloved celebrities. iCloud was hacked and hundreds of private photos have been released. Victims included Hilary Duff, Jennifer Lawrence, Ariana Grande, and many more. These women believed that the photos they were taking with their phones were safe. This flagrant violation of privacy and security is [...]

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The New Cost Of Cloud Storage

The more devices and files we accumulate, the more important our cloud services are. It seems like it won’t be long before we are relying almost completely on cloud storage. Companies are vying for our attention and business. There are great options out there for us to choose from. This week at WWDC Apple announced [...]


Apple Is Bringing TextEdit And Preview Apps To The iPad

iPad-optimized versions of Apple’s TextEdit and Preview apps will be released sometime in the near future. Report of the new apps — believed to be part of Apple’s efforts to make iCloud more ubiquitous between iOS and OS X — were reported this week by 9to5mac.com. “The applications are said to not be designed to [...]


iWork For iCloud Is Now Open To Everyone

Last month, I told you about Apple’s beta version of iWork for iCloud. It gives you Pages, Numbers and Keynote (the MS Office equivalents to Word, Excel and PowerPoint) right in your browser, on any computer. Just login at www.iCloud.com with your Apple ID and all the documents you’ve created or are working on from your [...]


Apple’s iWork Is Finally Coming To iCloud This Fall

This morning, I got an email from Apple about a new beta product they’ll soon be rolling out: iWork for iCloud. It’s the suite of productivity apps you might already be familiar with — Pages, Numbers and Keynote — but it works in your browser, allowing you to work from any computer, instead of being [...]


Apple Is Making Your Apple ID More Secure

If you’ve ever worried that someone might use your Apple ID for evil rather than good, rest assured that Apple has heard your fears.  Apple has just introduced a two-step verification process for Apple ID and iCloud accounts.  The new security measure requires users to verify identity on trusted devices before making changes to personal [...]

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Do recent changes in Apple’s management signal a bigger change within the company?

Mike wrote up a great report on the maps management shuffle. Richard Williamson is gone, following Eddy Cue’s takeover of all things ‘web services’. Was it the team? Okay, now that the team behind Maps is completely gone, do you expect everything will be dandy with the Apple web service? … … … I didn’t [...]


Why Android shouldn’t be ignored

After my piece about trying Android as my main device and quitting quickly, I thought I’d follow up with why I think Android is worth continuing to watch. There are a few reasons that I won’t give up on Android, and may come back and try again in the future: They’re taking lag more seriously [...]

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