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Add This Bionic Bird to Your Holiday Wish List

When I was a kid, remote controlled cars were the ultimate gift to receive. It didn’t quite matter if the car was fast—it just mattered if I could control it without touching it. That same fascination lives on today in the technology that created Bionic Bird—the Furtive Drone. It’s not a remote controlled plane shaped [...]


Nikola Tesla Museum Grabs a $1 Million Donation from Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk

Back in September 2012, Matthew Inman, founder of The Oatmeal, launched an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund money for a wild idea: there should be a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla, the Serbian American inventor credited with developing the AC electricity system. Tesla immigrated to the U.S. from Serbia in 1884 to work for none other [...]


Are You a Major Germaphobe? You’ll Love This Techy Towel Replacement

I never thought of bath towels as gross until I watched this video for the Body Dryer. The idea is simple. Instead of toweling off when you get out of the shower, you step on the Body Dryer and let it dry you with your selection of hot or cool air. In about 30 seconds, [...]


The “Key” To Never Forgetting Your Charger Again

I know you’ve experienced that sinking feeling. You know what I’m talking about—your phone is running out of battery at work, at a friend’s house, or the airport and you didn’t think to carry around a cable with you to charge your device. It’s a horrible feeling, but Nomad, the company behind CHARGEKEY, wants to [...]


Atheer Labs: Another Player In The Augmented Reality Empire

Back in August, we told you about a Google Glass competitor, Meta One. Now, another company, Atheer Labs, is looking to get a piece of the action. With a new Indiegogo campaign, which started December 19 and has already garnered plenty of support, they’re planning on giving their competitors a run for their money. Check [...]


This Vibrating Belt Connects To Your Smartphone And Guides You Wherever You Need To Go

Triposo, a company that builds “apps that let you travel like a local,” has introduced the Travel Belt. The Travel Belt is outfitted with four vibrating motors that signals to the wearer which direction they should walk (left, right, straight, or back). The belt connects to any smartphone through the headphone jack and communicates with [...]


This Home Security System Has Raised $1.6 Million On Indiegogo — Its Goal Was $100,000

Dubbing itself the “Smart home security device for everyone”, the Canary is another crowdfunding success story on Indiegogo. Canary is a standalone security system for your house or apartment that houses a multitude of sensors designed to give you accurate and updated data while you’re away. It connects to the Internet over your existing WiFi [...]


PiP: The Facial Recognition App To Help You Find A Lost Pet

If you own a cat or a dog, you know they’re not just your pet—they’re a member of your family. The creators of PiP, the “Positive Identification of Pet” app, understand completely, and they’ve developed a way to help you in that heart-stopping moment when your pet goes missing. Their innovative app uses facial recognition [...]


Ubuntu Is Creating A Smartphone That Doubles As Your PC

Canonical, the company behind open-source operating system Ubuntu, has launched a fundraising campaign with hopes in bringing in $32 million dollars in the next 30 days. The campaign, if successful, will enable them to launch Edge: a devices that combines the mobility of a smartphone with the power of a desktop. It can connect to [...]


In Progress: A Google Glass Experience For Motorcycle Helmets

Laugh and scoff if you will at Google Glass and it’s eccentricities but the world has found a very pragmatic use case: motorcycle helmets.  Those of us with vehicles can enjoy a nice quiet ride with voice control, GPS, and other benefits tied to indoor screens and perks but those who prefer their travel with two [...]

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