This Airline Is Hosting A Hackathon On A Flight From San Francisco To London

In some parts of the world, there is a surplus of jobs that require people with experience and education in the STEM fields, that is, science, technology, engineering, and math. Elsewhere, the flip side of that problem exists: There is a surplus of people with education and STEM fields, but no jobs available. British Airways [...]


Could Ski Lifts Revolutionize Mass Transit?

A unique idea resurfaced at TEDxAustin: What if we used ski lifts to revolutionize mass transportation? Where did that idea come from? The New York City subway moves 5.3 million passengers per day. Ski lifts in Zillertal carry 298,000 people up the mountain each hour. The ski lifts have the capacity to transport 14 million passengers [...]


Concept Video: Transparent Technology

The coolest tech videos always show off transparent displays. We’ve seen some of this tech in concept videos by prototypers and researchers like MIT. Now we have consumer electronics companies researching the tech, and showing it off. Check out the video and look at all the crazy things video makers think they’ll do with this [...]


Gisele, Tom Brady, Matt Damon, & John Legend endorse this healthy candy. It mimics M&Ms and Reeses in a healthy way

Have you heard of Unreal candy? If you come across a healthy-yet-still-tasty candy called Unreal, you might find yourself a bit happier than you were before. Bill Gates had a few things to say about the new product: In a blog post titled “Candy Innovation That’s Really Unreal,” the Microsoft co-founder writes about the candy [...]


A flat disk that folds into a bluetooth mouse, and unfolds into a CD

I tend to use the trackpad even when I have a bluetooth mouse sitting on my desk. I also have a laptop that has no optical drive. If neither of these two things were true, I’d likely hope for a world where this foldable mouse concept were possible. Designer Taewon Hwang came up with the clever [...]


Opinion: Thoughts on Innovation

On Friday, Apple won the landmark patent lawsuit against Samsung. Samsung’s response to losing the suit was a lot of ho-hum, but it focused on how the average consumer will be [negatively] affected the most, because innovation can now be stifled by courts and patents. First, I would argue the contrary. Innovation, in its true form, [...]


Why sub-$300 tablets are doomed to fail (by @mrgnw)

Sub-$300 Windows 8 tablets aim to beat Apple by going cheaper – a strategy that is doomed to fail. Here’s why: PRICE Price is rarely the most important thing. A cheap product might sell some units… but then [people] get it home and use it, and the joy is gone. … You don’t keep remembering [...]


AIRE mask: You breathe into it and it charges your iPhone

It’s about time you put all that breathing to good use. With the invention of the smartphone brought the necessity for creativity in keeping the dang thing powered, considering how quickly smartphones drain the battery. A new concept design from Joao Paulo Lammaglia uses the power of your breath to recharge your iPhone. The user [...]


What if you could select your neighbor based on their Facebook profile? This airline is making it possible

Along with about 100 other stressful things associated with air travel, worrying about who you’re going to be shoulder-to-shoulder with for the next 4+ hours is often one of the top concerns. We’ve all been next to that guy who blows his nose every 10 minutes, or the woman that insists on gabbing about her [...]

Fast-Company-50-Most-Innovative-Companies-2011 (1)

Fast Company announces this year’s most innovative companies

Every year, Fast Company puts out a list of what they consider the world’s 50 Most Innovative Companies. They also do a Top 10 List for specific industries, such as web, music, mobile, and consumer electronics. At the top of the main list, you will find few surprises: 7 out of the top 10 are [...]

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