Instagram’s, Direct Moments, Lets You Share Pics And Vids With Select Friends

Instragram Direct was debuted on December 12, 2013, during their event in the Big Apple. Instagram’s CEO, Kevin Systrom, announced Instagram Direct, a way of sending specific photos and videos to a select limited group of up to 15 friends (which also happens to be the same number of seconds you can shoot an Instagram [...]


Facebook Now Shows Instagram Likes On Photos You Share

Facebook bought Instagram just over a year ago and since then, we haven’t seen much in the way of integration between the two platforms. As I opened my News Feed today though, I saw something different. This photo of my friend Laura had Likes from people not actually on Facebook. A little digging revealed they [...]


Instagram Officially Announces Ads Showing Up In Your Feed

Today, on Instagram’s blog, under the title “Instagram as a Growing Business,”  it was announced that ads will begin showing up in our feeds. Claiming that Instagram has big plans for the future, they’ve stated that it’s time to make a sustainable business. This means advertisers will be allowed to pay to have their content [...]


How Did Instagram Get Its Name?

The Instagram Website briefly explains that Insta came from the childhood memories of cameras claiming to be instant back in the day when we normally had to wait for our film to be developed. Gram comes from the idea that we are sending digital telegrams to each other over the wire. Combine them together for [...]


Here’s How The New Instagram Design Compares To The Old One [Side-By-Side Photos]

Today, Instagram released an update to conform to Apple’s iOS 7 look. To make it feel more “at home on your phone” Instagram has streamlined their design to make images larger and content really stand out. About the update, Instagram says, With the introduction of iOS 7 and its emphasis on clarity, we were excited [...]


#ZAGG30 Instagram Contest Winners & Runners Up

We have had a blast so far seeing all the great ideas you have come up with and posted to #ZAGG30 on Instagram.  The contest features a new theme each day. Participants enter the contest by posting a photo to Instagram that incorporates the given day’s theme and by including #ZAGG30 in the photo caption. The [...]


5 Creative Ways To Show Off Your Instagram Pics In Real Life

All your coolest shots are on Instagram, why not display them in an equally cool way? Check out these ways to bring your pictures to life. 1. Viewmaster Remember these? I sure do. Reelagram allows you to pick seven of your favorite Instagram shots and puts them on a classic slide reel. 2. Coasters Is [...]

These Are Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Food

[View the story "These Are Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Food" on Storify] These Are Pictures Of People Taking Pictures Of Food People use Instagram to take pictures of food. We know this.Now, people are using Instagram to take pictures of people taking pictures of food. Storified by ZAGG· Fri, Sep 06 2013 16:10:27 [...]


The Top 100 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

I hear this questions about Instagram a lot – what are the top Instagram hashtags? By top, I’m going to assume most people mean most popular. So, using a site called, I went looking for the 50 most popular Instagram hashtags. These are used on more photos than any other. Why should you care? [...]


How To Instagram A Panorama

One of the great features that all smartphones are starting to incorporate these days is the ability to take a panoramic photo without having to manually and individually stitch each one together to create a panorama. Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, your Camera app probably has a Menu that [...]

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