How To: 7 Steps To Become Instagram Famous

I’m sure you’ve stumbled across an Instagram feed that seemed pretty unassuming but had thousands of followers. You figure if they can do it, so can you. If you long to join the Instagram famous but don’t know how, listen up. Let me warn you now, the road to quick insta-fame is cheap and shameless. [...]


Post A Photo To Instagram Of Something Invisible To Enter To Win A $100 ZAGG eGift Card #InstaZAGG

Post a photo to Instagram of something invisible to enter to win a $100 ZAGG eGift Card. It can be anything. An invisible ice cream cone, invisible pet elephant, invisible shark attack. Get creative with your invisible scenarios. Make sure to tag the photos with #InstaZAGG and @ZAGGdaily. One winner will be selected on July [...]


These 10 Instagrams And Tweets Illustrate Everything About Independence Day

July 4 is upon us. Independence Day in the United States. A time to celebrate America’s birth with fireworks, barbecues, parades, and family. These 10 Instagram posts and tweets explain all there is to know about the American holiday. [View the story "These 10 Instagram and Twitter Posts Explain Everything About July 4" on Storify] [...]


This Tumblr Account Exposes People Who Lie About #nofilter On Their Instagram Posts

In one of the great social media crimes of our day, there are actually people who post pictures to Instagram and claim their pictures are so beautiful, they didn’t need one of the service’s trademark filters, but in reality, they actually have a filter applied. Filter Fakers — in what might be the most relevant [...]


20 Awesome Photos Of ZAGG Products On Instagram

[View the story "20 Awesome Photos Of ZAGG Products On Instagram" on Storify] 20 Awesome Photos Of ZAGG Products On Instagram Storified by ZAGG· Tue, Jul 02 2013 11:28:45 We love seeing the different ways people are protecting and enhancing their gadgets. Here are 20 of our favorites! Its a #bike only day today so [...]

Instagram Video

Instagram Launches 15-Second Video

Instagram, the app best known for photo-sharing, launched video this week.  Immediately users upgraded to the new version (available for iOS 4.0 and Android 4.0) and began posting videos.  After Twitter launched its video-sharing app, Vine, in January, Facebook was put on notice.  The video update to Instagram is Facebook’s response to Twitter. Already, buzz [...]


What’s The Difference Between Instagram Video And Vine? [VIDEO]

Instagram announced Thursday that its app would be upgraded to allow 15-second videos to be posted to users’ accounts. One of the first questions many asked in social media as a result of the announcement was how Instagram Video would compare to Vine, the current king of short-form video social media outlets. Following the announcement, [...]


How To Turn Off Auto-Play Videos On Instagram

To disable auto-play videos on Instagram, go to your profile tab and click the gear. The gear will launch your options and settings. Scroll down and in the ‘Preferences’ settings, slide the ‘Auto-Play Videos’ to off. That’s it! See the screenshots below for a visual how-to.


Instagram May Start Notifying You When Someone Takes A Screenshot Of Your Photo

UPDATE: The Next Web has a comment from an Instagram rep who “confirmed that this isn’t a current feature of Instagram, stating that “we aren’t working on this feature,” and drew attention to the new Photos of You feature as a possible cause.” New York Times Tech Reporter Jenna Wortham tweeted the following earlier today: [...]


This Instagram User Has A Synchronized Photo Gallery

Instagram user @bnjmnjhnsn has the most creative photo gallery we’ve seen. Check out the screenshots:

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