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Oh Wait, Let me Instagram That!

Ever since phones with cameras became the norm, people seem to document their lives, and I mean this in a very literal sense. The internet is filled with pictures of babies, weddings, birthday parties, graduations and every other milestone imaginable. Not to mention all other irrelevant aspects in life such as sleeping, eating and studying [...]


Create posters and books with your Instagram photos with Printstagram

Holy circles Batman! We went from printed pictures to digital, and then back to print again. Instagram is one of the best sharing services out there. Not only does it let you share your photos to Twitter, Facebook, and every other service you desire, you can also add some pretty cool effects and filters. Physical [...]


Become a Better iPhotographer

As technology continues to get smaller and better, more and more people are turning to other methods to accomplish tasks they normally would have used more traditional methods to accomplish.  I’m speaking, of course, about photography.  More people are using their iPhones to take pictures and capture video than ever before.  And who can blame [...]


History of Cameras

I remember my first camera I had when I was a kid.  It wasn’t a real camera (I think it was some sort of Fisher Price contraption) but I thought it was.  I was intent on capturing every moment of every day, constantly wandering around my house “snapping photographs.”  My mom finally took that camera [...]


Tasty Tech Tuesday: Preserving your Digital life

I don’t know about you guys but I love my online life. It’s practically everything I’m not: cool, awesome, and super hip. Well I’m joking, but honestly I love everything about the social networks I use. Enough love to introduce you to three ways to transform your digital life into reality. Now why would I [...]


Instagram, Picplz, Memolane Apps

As more and more people get smartphones, there are more and more mobile photographers out there.  The smartphone market is projected to overtake the ”dumbphone” market this year, meaning that there will be a lot of people with cameras in their pockets.  Fortunately there are a plethora of photo editing and sharing apps out there [...]

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Extragr.am: The Instagram users new BFF

If I could begin to describe my love for Instagram this article may just get a little sappy. Instagram is probably one of the only apps/networks I access as much as my Facebook. Now with the recent developments of Instagram’s API, an amazing web client has come to my attention, Extragr.am. Extragr.am is a web client [...]


Top 3 camera apps for the iPhone

I love my new iPhone, and mainly just because the cool camera apps it has to offer unlike my old Blackberry. With my top 3 suggested camera apps, I have included shots I have taken with them. ENJOY. Instagram – Free – An app for the inner hipster in all of us. What I love [...]


iPhone Chronicles Day 21

It is day 21 today of the iPhone journey and I have mixed emotions to say the least. I miss my precious BlackBerry. I feel that overall this phone has stunted my work productivity. With games like Words with Friends, Gerd Arntz’s memory , and Angry birds I have barely been able to get any [...]


Tasty Tech Tuesday

(My Instagram iPhone photo) I feel that today’s TTT is going to be a little different from others. Last night, I has a close call in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT trying to make it Snowbird Ski Resort. From the insane amounts of snow on the road (12 inches of standing snow) and bad cellular service, [...]

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