Instant Upload on iOS

Google+ Update Adds Instant Upload for iPhone

The main feature that iOS users were lacking from Google+ that Android user already had is the ability to have your photos instantly uploaded to your Google account. A new Google+ app update now allows this to be possible. When you first open the app and log into Google+ it will ask you if you [...]


Android Tip: Google+ Instant Upload

Earlier I posted a how to to get your iCloud photos to your Picasa web albums. If you have a Android device this process is much easier. This is a very simple three step process. 1. Go to the Android market and download Google+. 2. Open up the app, choose your Gmail account, and then [...]

iCloud Windows Client

iOS + iCloud + Picasa = Instant Upload

Whether you think iOS 5 is revolutionary or not it has added some much needed features. Whenever I take a picture on a mobile device I usually do no spend much time going back through my pictures and organzing them, sharing them, or uploading them to my computer. With the new features in iCloud I [...]