Cox, Comcast, Time Warner Create ‘CableWiFi’ Alliance So You Have Free WiFi While Traveling

It’s not often we think of our utility companies going out of their way to do us any favors. We typically regard them as necessary evils of the world, reluctantly forking over hundreds of dollars each month for cable, internet, electricity, gas, water, sewer, and trash. Speaking specifically of cable and internet, if you have [...]


Google Fiber is Live in Austin, TX

In a blog post earlier this week, the Google Fiber team announced that the gigabit internet service is now online (no pun intended) in Austin, Texas. Signups are launching first for residents and small businesses in the South and Southeast parts of the city. Additional “fiberhoods” will be rolled out as the demand comes in [...]

Google May Be Laying The Groundwork For A Super-Fast WiFi Network

Google May Be Laying The Groundwork For A Super-Fast WiFi Network

News reports this week suggest that Google may be laying the groundwork for testing new technology that could lead to a super-fast wireless network in the near future. The report from Reuters comes on the heels of Google quietly filing an application with the Federal Communications Commission in the United States where the company requested [...]


#ThrowbackThursday For Tech Geeks: Popular Websites From The 1990s

In the grand scheme of the world, compared to other things we might throw back to, the Internet is still relatively young. We’re throwing back to the 1990s to look at what some of the most popular websites looked like back in the early days of the web. – May 1998 – January [...]


Google Rumored to Spend $3 Billion on Satellites to Provide High Speed Internet in Remote Areas

The Wall St. Journal is reporting that search king Google is planning to send 180 satellites into low orbit to provide high speed Internet access in rural areas of the world where traditional broadband isn’t available. The project, while still in its early planning stages, is expected to cost between $1 and $3 billion dollars [...]


[Viral Video] Today’s Teenagers Get Confused about the Internet 20 Years Ago

In this week’s viral video, you get to kick back and watch teenagers of 2014 have a look at the Internet the rest of us grew up using. Remember Netscape? And the size of computers? And how long pages took to load? Ahhh. The good ol’ days. Enjoy. Also Check Out These Related Posts: Watch [...]


NYC Residents: Google Says Not To Expect Google Fiber Anytime Soon

The buzz around the Internet lately has been that Google may soon be launching Google Fiber in/around New York City. It all started with this job posting for a Google Fiber Regional Sales Manager based out of the NYC office. Currently, Google only offers Fiber in three markets: Kansas City, Provo, and Austin. A Google [...]


We’ve Found It: This Might Be the Most Addictive Game on the Internet

If you’re bored with Candy Crush or any of the multitude of other free games on the Internet, check out 2048. It’s simple: move around the blocks to match up two of the exact same numbers, they’ll double, and more blocks will appear. You use your arrow keys to move the blocks, so go ahead [...]


Find Out Here If You Have A Data Cap On Your Home Internet

We’re all too familiar with the limits on wireless data plans, and the overages imposed by carriers if you exceed your allowed amount. What you probably didn’t know is, those data caps also exist on many home broadband internet services, as well. In many cases, they’re set high enough to only matter to the most [...]


Google Considering Launching Google Fiber In These 34 Cities

Just a year and a half after launching service in its first market, Kansas City, KS/MO, Google is exploring the realities of bringing Google Fiber to 34 new cities in nine states. Currently, residents of Kansas City and Provo, UT are the only netizens able to subscribe to the gigabit internet service from the world’s [...]

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