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A Run-Down on iOS 5.1

Apple’s newest system update, iOS 5.1 has been making the headlines since it’s release last Wednesday. The OS added new features to it major productivity apps like iWork, iLife, GargeBand and iMovie, as well as minor bug fixes and tweaks. Getting the new system is simple, you just go under Settings, click General and then [...]

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Is it true? 4G Is Now On The iPhone 4S?

Big things are happening for Apple right now with their highly anticipated iPad 3 release coming up and now the iOS 5.1 update. Many iPhone 4S users who installed the iOS 5.1 update may have noticed the change of signal indicator that now shows they’re using AT&T’s 4G network. Can this be true? Although an [...]

Garage Band iPad 3 Jam Session

Apple Announcement: Garage Band for iOS Gets an Update – Multiplayer Jam Sessions

Garage Band is one of the best apps on the iPad. We started looking at audio recording software on the iPad, and found that over and over, industry professionals were saying the Garage Band is the best there is. However, for now it mostly functions like a toy. It feels more like a fun little [...]

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Does The new iPad Have Siri? No, But It Has the Best Part

In case you’ve been living under a rock this morning, Apple announced the all new iPad today, including a host of new features – retina display, 4G LTE, and more. You may be wondering, did the new iPad get Siri? No. But don’t worry, the best part of Siri – Voice Dictation – did make [...]


Apple Announcement: iOS 5.1 Available Today – Apple doing more to integrate Facebook into your iPhone/iPad.

Apple wrapped up iOS 5.1, and put a bow on it pretty quickly. Usually this ‘.1′ update has about a pretty long turn around. What’s new in iOS 5.1? Facebook Integration – A new Facebook username field is in the Contacts application. The line was hidden before unless you gave the contact a Twitter account. [...]