Use iMessage from Takeoff to Landing on Southwest Airlines Flights for Just $2 Bucks

Good news for those of you who travel with Southwest Airlines: for just $2 bucks, the airline will enable iMessage on your iPhone or iPad (running iOS 5 or later) so you can keep in touch with your friends, family, and co-workers from gate to gate. If your flight is a short one, it might [...]


New Facebook Feature To Compete Against Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability

The obvious typo by Gizmodo mixing up Instapaper and Instagram aside (an easy mistake to make), The Verge and iMore have reported that Marco Arment’s Instapaper has a new big competitor: Facebook. Mobile Saving On the mobile app, you simply need to hold your finger down on the post you want to save and a [...]

underwater iPhone

Why I tried and failed to switch to Android. 3 Reasons.

Why I just can’t use Android. My iPhone fell in the pool While taking pictures with my family, I placed my iPhone on a towel next to the pool. A gust of wind caught the towel, and carried my phone into the water.[1] It didn’t survive. I thought I’d try Android There is very likely [...]


3 More Features Mountain Lion Is Taking From iOS (via @jkhowland)

There are a few more features Mountain Lion is taking from iOS. Dictation Dictation on the Mac works just like the iPhone. It lets you speak into the built-in microphone and converts it to text. In fact, if you say ‘comma’ or ‘exclamation point,’ Dictation will punctuate for you. Dictation is likely using the same [...]

Twitter Text Signup

How to post to Facebook and Twitter with Siri

Sharon Vaknin over at CNet posted a brilliant tip quite a while back that I thought would be good to bring back from the archives. In a recent conversation I heard a friend complaining that Siri couldn’t post to Twitter. I assured him that she could, but he didn’t believe me. When I reminded him [...]


iMessages… A text message or an instant message? (via @jkhowland)

iMessage merges with your text messaging on iOS, and your instant messaging on your computer in iMessages beta. We have three technologies effectively being treated as one. Dan Moren over at Macworld is making a case for this concept being overloaded. On the face of things, instant messaging and text messaging are technologies that seem [...]


Verizon will throw it’s weight in to help Windows Phone

I’ve made enough of a fuss about the fact that Verizon reps push Android phones. Now it’s time to talk about Verizon’s upcoming push for Windows phone. Weightier players Windows Phone handsets have struggled. They haven’t had nearly the sales that Microsoft was hoping for, even with Nokia backing the operating system full force. It [...]


Is iMessages a text service, or an IM service? (via @jkhowland)

Everyone in my family got iPhones when it became available on Sprint. One of the things I was most excited for was iMessages. Almost everyone I text has an iPhone. Communicating with the Messages App iMessage merges with your text messaging on iOS, and your instant messaging on your computer in iMessages beta. We have [...]

Apple Announcement iPad 3 Quad Core GPU Dual Core CPU

Apple Announcement: The New iPad with Dual-Core CPU, Quad-Core GPU. Better display without hurting battery

The A5X is a dual core CPU. That should be clear. Expect to hear the whining of ‘disappointed’ tech pundits. Rumor rumblings said it would be either dual-core (and a disappointment) or quad-core. We got both, but the quad-core is for the GPU only. Strait from Apple’s Tech page: Dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed, high-performance, low-power [...]

Mountain Lion

Apple will never combine OS X and iOS

OS X Mountain Lion has over 100 new features, many of which came from iOS. Does this mean that Apple will combine the Mac & iOS platforms? Nope. Mac learns from iOS, but will not become it Tim Cook: “Anywhere where that makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac.” If it [...]

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