This One GIF Shows The Differences Between iOS 6 And iOS 7

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What do you think of Apple’s new iPhone 5 ad, “Dream”? [Video]

Oh look, a new Apple ad! This one features Venus and Serena Williams playing ping pong with the narrator, who talks about the Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone 5. It’s actually a feature that works on any iOS device running iOS 6, but hey, semantics. What’s humorous to note about this ad: Apple released [...]


Apple Is Already Testing iPhone 6 And iOS 7 [Rumor]

It’s true, the iPhone 5 just debuted in October, less than three months ago. iOS 6 isn’t much older. However, Apple developers are already seeing signs pointing to a new piece of iPhone hardware and the next iteration of iOS. Of course, it still remains yet to be seen if the iPhone hardware will continue [...]


Google Maps Once Again Available on iPhone

Many iPhone users have reason to cheer tonight, as a long-rumored native Google Maps app finally landed in the App Store. If you’re reading this on your iPhone, you can use this link to download it right now. So, here’s what we know. First, it’s iPhone-only. If you download it on your iPad, it’ll act [...]


How To: Use Passbook To Share Your Business Card

More and more companies continue to roll out enhanced services and features with Passbook integration for iOS devices. This service seems like the next logical progress: business cards. Whether for yourself as an individual (freelancers!) or for your entire company, the folks at Vizibility now enable you to share your contact information, social network profiles, [...]


Facebook will add automatic photo upload to its iPhone app soon

There are a couple of ways to look at the new feature that Facebook is testing for iOS. First, you can think of it as a easy solution if you need to back up your photos. Second, you can think of it as a way for Facebook to capture even more of your life. Easy [...]

belkin apple iphone baby monitor wifi

Belkin Announced a new Wi-Fi Baby Monitor with iOS App

Haven’t exactly heard amazing things about the WeMo Home Automation system. Gizmodo certainly didn’t like it. However, the reviews on Amazon seem to be telling me that the firmware updates have fixed the bulk of the bugs. The new WeMo Baby monitor is a new Wi-Fi enabled microphone. The system isn’t very expensive at $90 [...]


How To: Prevent your iPhone, iPod, iPad from tracking you for advertisers

If your iDevice runs iOS 6, this applies to you. Apple now displays a setting, which you can toggle on or off, that allows advertisers to serve more targeted ads to you based on a variety of factors of how you use your phone. If you don’t want advertisers seeing this data, it takes all [...]

square iphone starbucks wallet

Starbucks to support Square Wallet starting in November

Starbucks is now officially supporting the new Passport App on iOS 6 with their latest update. The company is doing a great job supporting latest technology. The store has also announced that they will be supporting Square Wallet starting early next month. Back in August, Starbucks announced that they would be investing $25 million in [...]


Updated List of Passbook Apps

A few more companies have updated their apps to include Passbook support for iOS 6 devices. [Note: One minor inconvenience: once you've added a card to your Passbook app, there's no easy way to get back to the official list of supported apps. Searching for 'Passbook' in the App Store is useless, and there's no category [...]

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