Here’s a portable TV antenna for the iPad

I watch a lot of TV on my iPad. Netflix, Hulu and the ABC Player app are my most common apps. The iPad has made time-delayed television as ubiquitous as the device and an internet connection. Portable TV Antenna I remember in elementary school another kid came to school with a ‘portable tv’ with a [...]


An iPad steering gadget for the serious gamer

A square iPad doesn’t always feel right when you play a racing game and need to turn the device side to side to turn your race car. Kolos has created a steering wheel product that should make you feel like you’re in an arcade when you’re playing that iPad racing game. Flying and Racing With [...]


How I made an app to help you cheat while playing Letterpress

A couple weeks ago my friend came to me with an app idea: A Letterpress Cheat App. I agreed that we could do it, but that we’d need to do it quickly before the market was flooded. We made the app free, and it’s available in the store today. Design and Launch We spent more [...]


AT&T Rolling Out FaceTime Over Cellular for iPhone Users

We all know that in the U.S. FaceTime has been available on Sprint and Verizon over cellular data for free since iOS 6 came out. I know that using it with my family over cellular data has been quite a bit of fun. AT&T Announcement Apparently it will take a bit of time before AT&T [...]


iPad 4 Dominates: Benchmark Tests of iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPad 4

How do each of Apple’s iPads stack up? These benchmark tests give a pretty clear indication of the performance of each, including the just-released fourth-generation iPad. You probably notice from the graph above that the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini have almost identical “overall” performance. Why? Because they’re all based on the A5. [...]

ipad mini market target product

Here’s who Apple is targeting with the iPad mini

So, what do we know about the iPad Mini? We know it’s going to be awesome. But you don’t want one. So you think this Apple event wasn’t as good as other Apple events. The iPad Mini event came on the heals of a complete overhaul, and amazing update to the iPhone and iPod lineup. [...]


Apple’s iPad Mini Price Will Come In Competitively Despite Reports Otherwise

AllThingsD is reporting that the new iPad Mini will be priced above the competition. The post has the feeling of a controlled leak on the part of Apple. Remember when Wall Street Journal reported the first generation iPad would cost $999? This feels a lot like that leak. The message of the post attempts to [...]


[Video] Speed Test: iPhone 5 LTE vs. iPad 3 LTE

I’ve been putting my iPhone through its paces since I picked it up on Friday. I’m loving it so far, but I did notice a discrepancy in speed between it and my iPad (both run on Verizon’s 4G LTE network). Here’s a short speed test video I put together showing the difference, mainly on Uploads. [...]

iphone 5 LTE worldwide

iPhone 5 Getting LTE… For worldwide carriers this time? And T-Mobile?

The iPhone 5 is going to get LTE. This is pretty slick news if you have LTE in your area on the carrier of your choice. It turns out, Apple’s not playing favorites (with the exception of T-mobile who remains the red-headed step child of the US carriers). Online you can find that the carriers [...]


The iPad Mini has a face. Leaked pictures of the fully assembled iPad Mini

And, now we have a leak of the full iPad Mini with it’s rounded edges, more narrow bezel, and 8” form factor. The Amazon Fall Kindle event made me very excited for a smaller form factor tablet. I purchased a Kindle Fire when they first released, and it has since been a ‘Paperweight Kindle’. When [...]

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