The iPad Mini will have a rounded edge

Like I said yesterday, the latest leaked backplate looks to me as if the device will have more rounded edges than the current iPads and iPod touches. I expect a similar feel to the first generation iPhone – which is actually an aesthetic I personally miss. The pictures show a number of details of the [...]


Marco Arment picks up iPad Mini identifiers in Instapaper stats

How cool would it be to have an app that is used by the test devices inside of Apple? You’ll have to ask Marco Arment, because he spied two new entries in Instapaper’s device stats:”one iPad2,5 and one iPad2,6.” Marco points out: These device models, as reported by the OS, could be faked by a [...]

iPad Case Holder Car cup iphone

The iPad automobile cupholder mount…

Auto iPad Stand  You have a car. You have a center console. You have a cup holder. You have an iPad. Why not put them all together? I’ve seen a few iterations of this, but most of them fall short to me because they cut down on your space too much. This one does a [...]


Another Apple iPad Prototype Hits eBay, Sells for $10,200

The Verge reports that a prototype of the first-generation iPad hit eBay with a starting price of $4,800, and eventually sold for $10,200. What makes this prototype interesting is the addition of a second dock connector for landscape docking. This landscape docking was a widely rumored feature leading up to the launch of the iPad, [...]


Returning Memorial Day: The iPad-an-hour Giveaway (An iPad 3 will be given away each hour)

Last year on Black Friday we had the very first ‘iPad-an-hour’ giveaway. Over 24 hours we gave an iPad 2 to 24 different winners. We’re excited today to announce that the iPad-an-hour Giveaway returns on Memorial Day, Monday May 28, 2012. Starting at 12:00 am MDT on Memorial Day, we’ll be giving away an iPad [...]


eBay Redesigned the iPad App. Why? For Users. Not for Apple. (via @jkhowland)

Any website called Beautiful Pixels has my attention. Mikhail Madnani, reviewed the new 2.0 release of the iPad app from eBay. Sometimes it’s surprising that companies don’t support the latest features of the iPad, like the retina display. Sometimes it’s surprising when they do. Company of design? eBay isn’t exactly known for it’s impressive design. [...]


Tegra 3 vs. A5X – Does it really matter? (via @jkhowland)

I can’t find any hands on reviews that validate Asus’s claim that the Transformer Prime gets 12 hours mobile on a charge. But if the device really has that kind of battery life then Nvidia has stepped it up big time with their chips. For the user this isn’t just about battery, and it’s not [...]


Developer @ttscoff created a website to help you pick an iOS text editor – iTextEditors

Silly plaintext lover I’m always typing on my iPad or iPhone, and it seems like there are so many text editors out there, I never know if I’m using the one that is the best for me. I don’t know if you’ve ever shopped for text editors before, but there are quite a few. I [...]

real men wear pink and have a white iphone

White iPad or Black iPad? (via @jkhowland)

So you’re trying to decide if you should get a white or black iPad huh? Maybe thinking about getting a white iPhone next time? If you want some advice, here are a couple of the most popular arguments: Arguments I hate – “The white iPad in practice does not make sense. the ipad is used [...]

Picture 13

6 High Resolution Wallpapers for Your New iPad

With the iPad’s impressive retina screen boasting 44% greater color saturation, 3.1 million pixels and a 9.7 inch display, what better way to treat this amazing device then by downloading some gorgeous wallpapers to go with it? Check out these 6 wallpapers below to see which one you think will look better on your screen. [...]

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