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Do You Want a Laptop or an iPad?

Because of my short period where I infuriated both sides of the eternal iOS/Android flame war, I’ve had a number of interesting conversations with users of both platforms. Time and time again I’ve been asked a question that leads me to think… Dude, did you want an iPad/Android tablet or a laptop? Unfortunately, I think [...]


“My new iPad is getting real hot. I’m confused… Are they not microwavable?” -@ConanOBrien

Numerous blogs claimed that the new iPad had several problems: overheating, draining quickly, and continuing to charge after reaching 100%. Even more blogs reiterated these issues. Is the new iPad flawed with battery and heat problems? No. We haven’t noticed any problems, but we also know that these aren’t significant problems because of the following: Overheating Apple [...]

ipad satisfaction

98% of iPad Buyers Are Satisfied

According to ChangeWave, an independent consumer research firm, 98% of new iPad users are satisfied with their new tablet. The survey was given to 200 new owners between March 22-28 to measure customer satisfaction, key features, and other issues with Apple’s latest product. User satisfaction with the new iPad is even higher than previous iPad [...]


DisplayMate: iPad picture quality, color accuracy, and gray scale much better than most HDTVs, laptops, and monitors

A lot has been said about the Retina display. We’ve “seen it before”, “never seen anything like it”, “been disappointed again”, or “been blessed by the Apple gods”. The resposes seem hot and cold. Do you want to know why the response is unclear: From a practical perspective the new iPad screen went beyond a [...]


The new iPad is technically the most amazing display ever. Technically. But maybe it just isn’t a big deal

The new iPad is technically the most amazing display you’ve ever seen. Technically. I believe that we’re actually reaching a tipping point for displays where the resolution is ‘good enough’. Retina might be it. After all, if your eye can’t discern the pixels, does it matter how many there are? But it really isn’t amazing [...]

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How to access your new iPad’s personal hotspot from your Mac or iPod

So you figured out how to turn on the personal hotspot for your new iPad. Either you’re paying through the nose for it through AT&T, or it came with your Verizon plan. Either way, now you need to hook some devices up to it. Hopefully you have a decent password for the device so that [...]


How to turn your new iPad into a Personal Hotspot

So you went with Verizon on your ‘new’ iPad. Great choice, free LTE hotspot for you. If you chose AT&T you’ll have to pay extra for the hotspot, but the setup is the same. Did you set up your cellular data? If you didn’t go check out my other post on how to set that [...]


How to secure your new iPad’s personal hotspot from data thiefs (by @jkhowland)

If you’re like me, one of the driving factors to getting the new iPad was the blazing fast internet and personal hotspot capabilities of the newest model. In fact, in my area, Verizon LTE is faster than Comcast Xfinity. We’re loving our iPad. The problem is the new iPad’s data plans are a bit of [...]


How to set up LTE on your new iPad

I don’t know if you went to Verizon or AT&T for your iPad data plan. It doesn’t affect the setup, but it can affect your experience. I chose Verizon for my ‘new’ iPad. And I wouldn’t fault you if you did choose AT&T. You have to go with what works in your area. Am I [...]

ipad hot

Apple Responds to Reports of iPad Heat Issues (post by @calebhicks)

Stories have been making the rounds that report the third-generation iPad runs a bit hotter than previous versions. Some have called the iPad heating issue ‘Apple’s new antennagate’, while other sites are showing an 11-12% increase in the the heat emitted under strenuous benchmarks. The Loop reports that Apple responded this morning with the following: [...]

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