Apple’s Record Weekend: 3 Million iPads Sold

Apple’s Record Weekend: 3 Million iPads Sold

Apple announced on Monday that this was another record-breaking weekend for iPad sales. Having met the demand without major sell-outs, anxious customers were not forced to wait weeks to buy the new iPad. As a result, Apple sold over 3 million iPads during the first 72 hours of availability. The iPad 2 held the previous [...]

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Apple’s iPad Recycling Program

With the introduction of the iPad 3, it’s no wonder Apple is now offering trade-ins. If you plan on ordering the new iPad online, you won’t find a link to an upgrade or trade-in offer. Instead you will need to visit Apple’s Reuse and Recycle page. There the iPad has been integrated into the program [...]


Unboxing The new iPad

I waited a long time in line, and I’m excited to share it with you. Here is the front of the line at 6AM. It got a lot longer as the morning moved on. Prepare yourself for some classic iPad unboxing pics. I bought a black and a white iPad this morning. The white one [...]

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Why Are So Many People Underwhelmed With Apple?

Last week Apple announced a huge upgrade for the iPad which is now available for the exact same price as the past model. Additionally, the iPad 2 which previously started at $499 has received a 20% discount to $399 year over year. This is an incredible feat for any business to do with their top [...]

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Is The new iPad worth the wait?

People ask me all of the time: “Should I buy the iPad today, or should I wait until the next iPad comes out?” The refrain gets louder as we get close to the holiday season. Why? Because Apple releases an iPad right after Christmas and people want to know if they should get the 9 [...]


How much does the new iPad weigh?

Update: Click here for information on the weight of the new iPad Air. So what does the iPad weigh? The previous generation iPad (the iPad 2) weighed in at 1.33 pounds (601 g), and the new iPad weighs in slightly more at 1.44 pounds. There are few things that matter more when it comes to [...]

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How big is the new iPad?

It would seem that Apple is confident they got it right with the first iPad 2 years ago. Despite rumors of 7″ iPad minis, or even pro iPads that are bigger than 10″. I’m not entirely sure why these rumors continue. Steve jobs came out and said: “There are clear limits of how close you [...]

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Was Apple PR 100% honest with the press after the iPad conference?

Apple PR is funny sometimes. By funny, I mean in a negative, you can’t trust them, and it is no wonder some popular tech blogs are slanted to hate their products, kind of way. —- In the press room following the event, if you had asked if the new iPad was heavier than the previous [...]

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10 Free Apps for The new iPad

With the iPad3 on the way, and predicted price reductions on older versions, an iPad craze has begun to form. That’s why I have compiled this list of apps to get you started and make that tablet useful Kindle: The Kindle app allows users to access Amazon’s library, as well as a number of magazine’s [...]


3 Industries That Can Best Utilize the New iPad 3

Apple’s iPad has come a long way and is only getting better with its soon to be revealed 3rd generation. Not only is this magnificent device extremely portable, convenient and even beautiful, but it has become a leading tool in many different industries. Check out my list below. Education: Two opportunities are unfolding for schools [...]

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