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Is it true? 4G Is Now On The iPhone 4S?

Big things are happening for Apple right now with their highly anticipated iPad 3 release coming up and now the iOS 5.1 update. Many iPhone 4S users who installed the iOS 5.1 update may have noticed the change of signal indicator that now shows they’re using AT&T’s 4G network. Can this be true? Although an [...]

Facebook poll, new iPad name

What is the new iPad called?

Over the last week we sent out a poll about what you thought the next iPad would be called. From many other Facebook posts to blog article rumors everyone was pretty set on it being call the iPad 3 or the iPad HD. What do we call the new iPad? Apple had the event and [...]


How big is the new iPad?

The new iPad is about the same size as the iPad 2. Here’s a simple comparison of all 3 versions of the iPad: Not a huge difference. The new iPad is thicker than the iPad 2, but only by .024″. That’s like adding 13 sheets of printer paper to the iPad 2, or 9 human hairs (at [...]

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iPad rumors roundup: Rumors confirmed and shot down

The iPad 3 has been accumulating rumors ever since the iPad 2 was announced. Here’s how many of the major rumors panned out: Retina display: 2047×1536 px (1 million more pixels than HDTV) Just call it the iPad (We knew it would happen eventually) Better camera: (5 megapixel sensor, better low-light photos, etc.) 4G LTE [...]

which iPad should I buy

Cheat Sheet: Should you buy an iPad 2 or the new iPad?

The iPad 3 is great, but the iPad is $100 cheaper… Which should you get? Here’s everything you need to know to decide between the two: Get the iPad 2 if: 16 GB is enough storage for you. You don’t want to spend more than $399, or $529 with 3G internet. Get the new iPad [...]


Apple Announcement: What’s in the updated iWork Apps for iPad and iPhone?

Apple has updated it’s iWork suite for the iPad and iPhone. The graphics should be ready for the new iPad when it is launched. They all require iOS 5.1, but have some features that I think will entice you to make the jump. Retina display Obviously all the apps are updated for Retina. Actually, it [...]

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Why I bought an iPad – just for iPhoto. Yes, iPhoto was the deciding factor

No, you didn’t read that backwards. Apple just announced the iPhoto app for iOS. Some people will buy iPhoto for their iPad. I’m buying the iPad for iPhoto. Why? iPhoto makes the iPad an even better mobile device. Mobility is crucial for photographers. That’s why the iPhone is #1 on Flickr, why the Lytro camera is amazing, and [...]

Apple Announcement iPad 3 Quad Core GPU Dual Core CPU

Apple Announcement: The New iPad with Dual-Core CPU, Quad-Core GPU. Better display without hurting battery

The A5X is a dual core CPU. That should be clear. Expect to hear the whining of ‘disappointed’ tech pundits. Rumor rumblings said it would be either dual-core (and a disappointment) or quad-core. We got both, but the quad-core is for the GPU only. Strait from Apple’s Tech page: Dual-core Apple A5X custom-designed, high-performance, low-power [...]

Garage Band iPad 3 Jam Session

Apple Announcement: Garage Band for iOS Gets an Update – Multiplayer Jam Sessions

Garage Band is one of the best apps on the iPad. We started looking at audio recording software on the iPad, and found that over and over, industry professionals were saying the Garage Band is the best there is. However, for now it mostly functions like a toy. It feels more like a fun little [...]

iPhoto iPad Live Journalling iPhoto Announcement

Apple Announcement: iPhoto Updated for iOS – The best part of the announcement!

The latest update to the Photos app has converted it into iPhoto for iOS. They completely overhauled the app to make it fit on your iPad, and work for a touch screen. “If you want to do even more with your photos, that’s what iPhoto is for.” – Phil Schiller Smart Browsing The Smart Browsing [...]

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