The iPad 3 Rumors Of 2011

The iPad 2 is still doing really well, and it doesn’t seem like any competitor’s products are going to compete with it in the near future. Of course Apple will, as they have in the past, unveil a new product. The iPad 2 announcement came in March of 2011. Even before it was revealed, the [...]


iPad 3 Rumor Mill vs Apple – FIGHT!

A great question was posed by ReadWriteWeb: Does the Apple Rumor Mill Help or Hurt? The definition of ‘hurt’ is important here. You can look at it a few ways: does it hurt the publics view of the final released product? Does it hurt sales? Do normal people think the same way as tech bloggers? [...]


iPad 3 To Arrive In 2012

It has been reported that Apple has begun pre-production of their next generation iPad, and it’s scheduled to arrive in early 2012. I’ve been thinking about getting an iPad 2, but maybe I’ll just wait a couple of more months. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Apple has begun ordering multiple components for [...]

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