What’s Different About the New iPad Air?

Moments ago, Apple showed off  its latest 5th generation iPad and 2nd generation iPad mini. There are a slew of changes for them both, so we wanted to highlight the difference between the previous model and new model. iPad Air First, the iPad got a much needed facelift and a new name: iPad Air. It’s [...]


ZAGGblog Round Up [A Quick Recap Of Recent Posts]: September 5, 2013

Over the past couple of days  our most popular blog posts have been Tweeted, posted on Facebook and LinkedIn along with being pinned on Pinterest. Get on the ZAGG bus and follow us to learn about the latest tech news, gadgets, apps, accessories and even our giveaways.  Here’s a rounded up list of the latest [...]


Is This The iPad 5? [VIDEO]

In the video below, Lew from Unbox Therapy gives us our first look at the size and design of the upcoming 5th generation iPad. We expect Apple will release it next month, so it’s not surprising to see parts start showing up. Lew shows both the front cover glass and the back aluminum case in [...]


Does this picture show the front of the next iPad? You decide.

9to5Mac posted the picture below of what could very well be the iPad 5. What’s worth noting? The slimmed bezels on the side of the display, much more like the iPad mini than the current iPad. And what would that mean? If the photo is an accurate representation of the next iPad, the device itself [...]