Hands On: This Gadget Lets You Monitor And Diagnose Your Car With Your Phone or Tablet

For the car enthusiasts among us, this gadget is worth checking out. It’s called iOBD2 and it’s made to work with your iPhone, iPad or Android phone. I’ve been using it for about a month and I’ve come to appreciate a lot of what it provides. They’ve recently updated the app with more functionality (including Landscape [...]


Does this picture show the front of the next iPad? You decide.

9to5Mac posted the picture below of what could very well be the iPad 5. What’s worth noting? The slimmed bezels on the side of the display, much more like the iPad mini than the current iPad. And what would that mean? If the photo is an accurate representation of the next iPad, the device itself [...]


The Original Sonic The Hedgehog For iOS

90′s kids (and video game nerds) will love this: the original Sonic the Hedgehog is available in the iOS App Store for a mere $2.99. You can play Seven Zones and Special Stages just like you did on your Sega Genesis years ago. From the App Store: Experience Sonic the Hedgehog on the iPhone® and [...]


Unique iOS 7 Concept Video

I’ll go ahead and say what a lot of you have been thinking; iOS has gotten stale. No doubt, it’s still incredible in all it does. But it’s also remained largely unchanged for a while. Most updates these days are minor feature enhancements, not major upgrades. And that’s to be expected, really, considering how far [...]


Apple’s iMessage Encryption Is So Strong The DEA And FBI Are Having Difficulty Intercepting iMessages

Most of us don’t have anything to hide, but this is still a big deal for individual privacy: iMessages sent from one Apple device to another Apple device cannot be intercepted by the government. An except from CNET: Encryption used in Apple’s iMessage chat service has stymied attempts by federal drug enforcement agents to eavesdrop [...]


These iPhone Apps Are Now Integrated Into BMW Cars

Yesterday, four new apps joined the ‘BMW Approved’ apps for those who own iPhones and drive BMWs. Three of them are music apps and one is a location-sharing app for sharing your whereabouts while in the car. If you have a BMW made in 2011 or later and equipped with the iDrive controller, this applies [...]


This Principal Will Tackle You For Stealing iPads At His School

A high school principal is in the news after he tackled a man accused of stealing several students’ school-issued iPads. Quite a few iPads had turned up missing lately, and school administrators at St. Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco were investigating. They knew who they were looking for. He was dressed as a student, [...]


This Portable Projector Weighs 0.67 LBS And Connects Via Wi-Fi Or Cables

BenQ’s latest projector is made to work specifically for your iPhone or iPad. It plugs into your device with a 30-pin cable and can project a 40-inch image on your wall. Of course, it’ll also work with a variety of other video sources: a DVD player, computer, camcorders, etc. What’s unique about the BenQ GP10 [...]


This Pilot Gives You A Tour Of His FAA-Approved iPad In The Cockpit [VIDEO]

Back in 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the use of iPads as replacements for flight maps and charts that pilots traditionally have carried on paper. All these books and manual together make for a flight bag weighing in between 30 and 40 pounds that every pilot has to lug around. American Airlines was the [...]


The Best Deals On iPods, iPads And Macs Are On Apple’s eBay Store

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest Apple products for substantially less than retail price (and don’t mind factory refurbished devices), Apple’s unofficial eBay store is the place to look. It offers most of their latest products, certified and refurbished with a one-year warranty, for a lot less than you’ll find them for, even [...]

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