The Wildfire Suite of Apps from @FireWhat aims to keep you safe and informed

It’s already been a record breakingly hot summer in the lower 48 with no signs a cool down in the near future. And, if you live in one of the more fire-prone areas of the country, hot means dry and dry means fire danger. Several fires have already swept across parts of the country this summer, [...]


ModBook is the iPad Pro You’ve Been Wishing For

When the iPad was first announced, many were disappointed that the 10″ tablet wasn’t able to run Apple’s full OS X operating system. While sales numbers would indicate that few remain disappointed, there is an option for those looking to pack a bigger punch in their tablet computer – the ModBook Pro. Take the guts [...]


Use your iOS device to play retro games on your TV (by @TrevMcKendrick)

Who doesn’t like an awesome retro video game? Turns out there are tons available for the iPhone, and there’s even a mobile console that you can use as a controller that the iPhone plugs into. It’s awesome, and brings back true Game Boy memories. But one company thought that wasn’t quite enough. Sure, the Game [...]

Google Nexus 7

Here’s why Google is on the right track with the Nexus 7 (by @jkhowland)

Here is the truth. The Nexus 7 has an uphill battle. The new tablet is going up against the single most successful product in the world: the iPad. Android is getting better every day. It seems like with the Nexus they are trying to make a statement that they are taking the tablet market seriously. [...]


Google I/O: Is The Nexus 7 The Answer To The iPad?

Here is the truth. The Nexus 7 will be a great tablet. Android is really coming along, and with updates to the operating system, users are going to love their Google powered devices. As of yet, Google powered tablets have yet to answer to the iPad. Apple is dominating. There were a few things Google [...]


Apple’s New Employee Discount Is Now Active

Early January marked an exciting time for Apple employees. Not only were they enjoying tuition assistance, access to the latest Mac gadgets, and a legendary employee cafeteria, but CEO Tim Cook brought an even better offering to the table. Starting June 2012, Apple employees now receive $500 off new Macs and $250 off of new [...]

Comieco cheap DIY free iPad stand

If you’re bored, here’s a DIY iPad stand out of cardboard!

Cash-strapped and need an iPad stand? Try making your own! Here’s a cheap and environmentally friendly way to make your own iPad stand from cardboard. To make the case, print out the template and watch the video: Saves money This cardboard iPad stand makes it easy to put an iPad stand everywhere you need one without [...]

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft Surface Specs: Is This Tablet Really iPad Competition?

Everybody expected that Microsoft would use its “Big Announcement” to showcase a brand new piece of hardware in the tablet space. When the tablet was announced, everybody’s next question was probably, “How does the Microsoft Surface compare to the iPad?” Well, we’re here to answer all of your questions. How much does the Microsoft Surface [...]

Microsoft Logo

Major Microsoft Announcement Today? Here’s What You Need To Know.

“This will be a major Microsoft announcement—you will not want to miss it.” Microsoft’s email invite to the media was definitely full of hype.  But with the event positioned between Apple’s WWDC and Google’s IO conferences, is Microsoft setting people up for disappointment? Here’s what we know: -      Microsoft’s announcement will take place on Monday (today), [...]


3 More Features Mountain Lion Is Taking From iOS (via @jkhowland)

There are a few more features Mountain Lion is taking from iOS. Dictation Dictation on the Mac works just like the iPhone. It lets you speak into the built-in microphone and converts it to text. In fact, if you say ‘comma’ or ‘exclamation point,’ Dictation will punctuate for you. Dictation is likely using the same [...]

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