Apple is #1 Most Admired Company in the World

Apple is destroying the competition, completely dominating in every way. The latest news to fuel the fire? Fortune Magazine named it the #1 Most Admired company in the world. The publication asks its readers and business people to vote on who they admire most, then it ranks companies based on an average score. Apple was [...]


Simple snap-on gadget has potential to make hearing your iPad easier

Most people that own an iPad or iPad 2 would probably change very little about it, or perhaps nothing at all. However, most would probably agree that when attempting to watch a video while laying in bed or somewhere similar that the sound can get rather muffled considering the speakers are located on the back [...]


Flexible arm allows you to lounge and comfortably view your iPad at the same time

Everyone has those lazy days. I’m pretty sure for me they come once a week. Sunday hits, and boom, I’m worthless. Those kinds of days I want nothing more than to stay in bed, watch movies, and surf the web to maintain some semblance of connection to the outside world. Curling up with your iPad [...]


Wanna Disappear on Twitter? Erase Your History With Tweeticide

So you’ve had a Twitter account for awhile now, and you’ve probably said some stupid things. That’s OK, Tweeticide to the rescue! Tweeticide is a simple app with one purpose – to delete every last one of your tweets. So now your Mom who just joined Twitter can’t find all of your potty-tweets, and your [...]


Follow The Bubbles: Will there be a home button on the iPad 3? This analysis says yes

We had some feedback, and I thought it best to respond to you all instead of just to the individual. In the post I included this quick image that I took with my iPhone to make the point that the iPad in the invitation is in portrait: My conclusion was doubted, and I received this [...]


Reading the tea leaves in Apple’s iPad 3 announcement. I see hints!

So. The iPad 3 announcement has been delivered, displayed, and dissected. Are you ready to read the signs? 1 – Retina Display Of course the most obvious fact you glean from the announcement image is the retina display. I mean, the screen is higher resolution than the finger touching it. Apple knew this wasn’t going [...]


TwelveSouth HoverBar is a unique stand – Now you can float your iPad.

Twelve South makes some of my favorite accessories for my iPad. Their latest is one of the coolest products I’ve seen come out from anybody. The stand allows you to prop up your iPad 2 so that it sits in the perfect viewing spot. The hover in Hoverbar The HoverBar is constructed out of flexible [...]


The iPad 3 is thicker? Fact or Fiction?

It seems like the rumors on the iPad are as fast and furious as ever. However, one of the oldest rumors is that of the thickness of the next generation iPad. The rumor mill has been saying for months now – the iPad 3 will be thicker. Podcasts, and insights On a recent podcast, Daring [...]

iPad Touchscreen Keyboard

Was Steve Jobs wrong about a keyboard-less tablet?

Would you like a keyboard with that? One of the mind puzzling questions for millions that have purchased their iPads is, “How do I use this effectively without a physical keyboard?” While the iPad has a high quality touchscreen it seems like more people are looking for an external keyboard to use as a companion with their [...]


The iPad 3 to be announced on March 7th, and available to buy on March 16th

Confirmation from other tech blogs By now, we’re all confident that the iPad 3 will be announced on March 7th. If you want confirmation, can’t hope for much better than The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple: Rene Ritchie: According to sources who have been reliable in the past, Apple currently plans to hold their iPad 3 announcement [...]

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